15th April : Happy Birth Day Of Indian Celebrities

April 15, 2012

Here is list of those Indian celebrities who celebrates their birth day on 15th April.

(1) Guru Nanak Dev (Born: 15th April 1969 at Nankana Sahib, Died : 22 September 1539 at Katarpur, Pakistan) – He was founder of the religion of Sikhism and the first of the eleven Sikh Gurus.


(2) Guru Arjan Dev (Born: 15th April 1563 at Goindval, Died: 30 May 1606 at Lahore) – He was fith Sikh Guru.


(3) Mr. Manoj Prabhakar (Born: 15th April 1963) – Former player of Indian Cricket Team.

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