15th October – Famous Indian Personality’s Birth Day

October 15, 2017

15th October is very famous for many famous Indian celebrities birth day. Here is list of those famous Indian personality who born on date of 15th October.

(1) Jalal-ud-Din Md. Akbar (Born: 15th October 1542, at Sindh, Died: 27th October, 1605 at Agra – Also known as Shahanshah Akbar-e-Azam or Akbar the Great, was the third Mughal Emperor.
(2) Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (Born: October 15, 1931 at Dhanushkodi) – Former President of India and Great Scientist.
Let’s celebrate your Birth Day with Shree A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

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  1. A P J Abdul Kalam IS BORN ON 15TH OCTOBER…

  2. Padma Bhushan Guru Dr Vempati Chinna Satyam was born on 15th October 1929

  3. ashlyn says:

    even my birthday is on 15 october

  4. Dr s mujahid Khan says:

    My self was born on this day at Thally
    Little England in Tamilnadu India

  5. Tejpal ranjan says:

    Me also got chance to born on 15th October.

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