18th December – Happy Birth Day Of Famous Indian Celebrities

December 18, 2017

18th December is very graceful birth day. The person born on 18th December becomes wealthy and famous. The lucky number for born on 18th December s 7 and lucky color is yellow. There are many Indian celebrities who celebrate their happy birth day on 18th December. Here is list of those celebrities who born on 18th December.

Vijay Mallya(1) Mr. Vijay Mallya (Born: 18th December 1955 in Karnataka) – One of the biggest industrialist of India. Chairman of UB Group and Kigfisher Airlines.
Celebrate your happy birth day with Indian celebrities.

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  1. pramod agarwal says:

    Dear Sir,

    18th December is birth day of Guru Ghasi Das, famous saint of Chhatishgarh, India.

    On his name Guru ghasi das University created at Bilaspur (c.g.)

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