20 Side Business for Government Employees For Earn Extra Income

October 11, 2019

According to the rising inflation in today’s era many times the salary is not enough. By rule, government employees are not allowed to do business or do any other job. In such a situation, their limited income becomes difficult to spend the house. But there are some works that family member of government employees can do, and they will not even be called illegal. Which are low investment but good profit.
Here is some examples –
(1) Embroidery/sewing
(2) Poultry House
(3) Cow Dairy
(4) Papad making
(5) Tuition at home
(6) Stock Market Trading
(7) Mehndi Designing
(8) Makeup of bride
(9) Cooking class
(10) Classical singing and dance class
(11) Singer Artist
(12) Dancer Artist
(13) Yoga Class
(14) Musician
(15) Writing For Magazine
(16) Social Work
(17) Film Script or Novel Writing
(18) Farming
(19) Gardening
(20) Car Driving Learning Class

All above works can be do as part time job also.

Comments (2)

  1. Abhaykant says:

    Easy business for earn Rs. 1000-1500 daily.

  2. Ybk says:

    Is there rules and circular orders for doing part time jobs in karnataka state even as a state govt employee

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