24th February : Happy Birth Day of Famous Indian Celebrrities

February 24, 2017

Here is list of those famous Indian celebrities which birth day is on 24th February.

(1) Late Talat Mahmood ( Born on 24th February, 1924 at Lucknow, Died on 9th May 1998 at Mumbai) – Famous Gazal Singer

(2) Late Joy Mukherjee (Born on 24th February, 1939 at Jhansi, Died on 9th March 2012) – Famous Actor of Bollywood’s old movies.

(3) Ms. Jayalalithaa Jayaram (Born on 24th February, 1948 at Mysore) – Former actress in South Indian Movies and In Present- Chief of AIDMK Party,  Chief Minister Of Tamilnadu State.

(4) Mrs. Puja Bhatt (Born on 24th February, 1972 at Mumbai) – Famous Actress of Bollywood Hindi Movies, Bollywood Film Director, Film Producer.  

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