25% to 30% Discount on Diwali offer on Sony Bravia LCD TV

September 22, 2009
Sony Bravia LCD TV has started heavy Discount Offer on Diwali Festival . The offer are for discount from 25% to 30% discount on every model of Sony Bravia LCD TV. The price of Sony Bravia LCD will be as following after Discount Offer on Diwali Festival.
Sony Bravia T Series
KLV- 19T400G- RS. 17,900
KLV- 19T400W- RS. 18,900
KLV- 22T550A – RS. 19,900
KLV- 26T400A- RS. 27,900
KLV- 32T550A- RS. 35,900

Sony Bravia S Series
KLV – 20s400a- RS. 22,900
KLV- 26S550A- RS. 30,900
KLV- 32S550A- RS. 57,900
KLV- 40S550A- RS. 67,900

Sony Bravia V Series
KLV- 32V550A- RS. 45,900
KLV- 40V550A- RS. 73,900
KLV- 46V550A- RS. 93,900
KLV- 52V550A- RS. 1,99,900

Sony Bravia W Series
KLV- 32W550A- RS. 62,900
KLV- 40W550A- RS. 93,900
KLV- 46W550A- RS. 1,13,900
KLV- 52W450A- RS. 2,59,900

Sony Bravia Z Series
KLV- 40Z450A- RS. 1,33,900
KLV- 46Z550A- RS. 1,83,900
KLV- 52Z550A- RS. 3,09,900

Sony Bravia X Series
KLV- 46X450A- RS. 2,03,900
KLV- 55X450A- RS. 3,99,900

Sony Bravia ZX Series
KLV-40ZX1- RS. 1,99,900

Comments (5)

  1. wonderahul says:


    Can u tell me where to buy Sony TV in bhagalpur?

    If possible with phone nos.

    thanks in advance
    pls mail at wonderahul@gmail.com

  2. aarju says:

    KLV- 26S550A- RS. 30,900
    it is the MRP inclusive of all texes, one can see oneself on sony india site.

  3. baljit says:

    plz show the size of all tv in inches

  4. Hrishikesh says:

    I don’t know about other cities, but here in Bhubaneswar I am getting ‘KLV- 22T550A – RS. 19,900’
    at Rs. 15900/-

  5. Basker says:

    How about the offer on other series like AX & BX

    Thanx !

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