27th December – Happy Birth Day Of Indian Celebrity

December 27, 2017

27th December is very charming birth day. Many Indian celebrities were born on 27th December. Here is list of famous Indian personality who born on 27 December.

(1) Late Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan Alias Mirza Ghalib (Born: December 27, 1797 at Agra, Died: February 15, 1869 at Delhi) – Mirza Ghalib was a prominent Urdu and Persian poet during the last years of the Mughal Empire. Most notably, he wrote in both Urdu and Persian. His Persian Divan is at least five times longer than his Urdu but his fame rests on his poetry in Urdu. Ghalib started composing poetry at the age of 11. At the age of thirteen, Ghalib married Umrao Begum, daughter of Nawab Ilahi Bakhsh. After his marriage, he settled in Delhi. In 1850, Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar II bestowed upon Mirza Ghalib the title of “Dabir-ul-Mulk”. The Emperor also added to it the additional title of “Najm-ud-daula”. The conferment of these titles was symbolic of Mirza Ghalib’s incorporation into the nobility of Delhi. He also received the title of ‘Mirza Nosha’ from the Emperor. He was also appointed by the Emperor as the royal historian of the Mughal Court. His many ghazals and Nazm are still very famous in India and Pakistan.


(2) Mr. Salman Khan (Born: December 27, 1965 at Indore)- Salman Khan is a superstar actor, film producer of Bollywood film industry. Salman Khan is a Muslim from his father’s side and a Rajput Hindu from his mother’s side. The paternal ancestors of Salman Khan were the Alakozai Pashtunsfrom Afghanistan who immigrated to Indore, Madhya Pradesh in the mid 1800s. While Salman Khan’s mother is a Maharashtrian, whose father Baldev Singh Charak, a Dogra Rajput, comes from Jammu-Kashmir. Salman Khan started his career in in age of 23 in Bollywood as a supporting young actor in film ‘Bibi Ho To Aisi‘ (1988). But in his next movie he gotten the lead hero in the ‘Maine Pyar Kiya‘ (1989). This movie become super duper hit on box office. After this movie the career of Salman Khan career started run. Although after this he gave some flop movies, but after the film ‘Sanam Bewafa‘ (1991) became a hit, Salman Khan became famous in the hearts of the youth. After that he gave many hits. Salman Khan is very famous for his fitness. Due to his fit body, he has been playing the role of lead hero in Bollywood for 30 years. He is the first actor to play the lead hero in Bollywood for 30 years. Click here for know the super hit movies of Salman Khan.


Let’s celebrate your happy birth day with Salman Khan.

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