5th January – Happy Birth Day Of Indian Famous Celebrities

January 5, 2017

5th January is very lucky birth day. The born person on 5th January becomes administrator. Here is list of those person who born on day of 5th January.

(1) Shah Jahan (Born: 5th January 1592 at Lahore, Died: 22th January 1666 at Agra) – Shahab-ud-din Muhammad Khurram better known by his regnal name Shah Jahan was the fifth Mughal emperor, who reigned from 1628 to 1658. His reign represented the height of the Mughal architecture, most notably the Taj Mahal. The Mughal Empire reached the pinnacle of its glory during Shah Jahan’s reign and he is widely considered to be one of the greatest Mughal emperors. The period of his reign is widely considered the golden age of Mughal architecture. Shah Jahan commissioned many monuments, the best known of which is the Taj Mahal in Agra, which entombs his wife Mumtaz Mahal.

Guru Gobind Singh(2) Guru Gobind Singh Ji (Born: 5th January 1666 at Patna, Bihar, Died : 7th October, 1708 at Nanded) – Guru Gobind Singh was the tenth Sikh Guru, a spiritual master, warrior, poet and philosopher. He was son of Guru Tegh Bahadur. After death of his father Guru Teg Bahadur, Guru Gobind Singh was formally installed as the leader of the Sikhs at age nine, becoming the tenth Sikh Guru. His four sons died during his lifetime – two in battle, two executed by the Mughal army. Among his notable contributions to Sikhism are founding the Sikh warrior community called Khalsa in 1699 and introducing the Five Ks, the five articles of faith that Khalsa Sikhs wear at all times. Guru Gobind Singh is credited with the Dasam Granth whose hymns are a sacred part of Sikh prayers and Khalsa rituals. He is also credited as the one who finalized and enshrined the Guru Granth Sahib as Sikhism’s primary scripture and eternal Guru. Guru Gobind Singh had deep respect for the Khalsa, and stated that there is no difference between the True Guru and the sangat (panth). Guru Gobind Singh is credited in the Sikh tradition with finalizing the ‘Kartarpur Pothi’ (manuscript) of the Guru Granth Sahib – the primary scripture of Sikhism.

(3) Mr. Kalyan Singh (Born: 5th January 1932) – Kalyan Singh is a former Governor of Rajasthan. Prior to that, he was an Indian politician of the Bharatiya Janata Party from the state of Uttar Pradesh. Kalyan Singh is belong from famous Chandravanshi Kshatriya Lodhi – Lodh Rajput Community. He has served two terms as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and was appointed Governor of Rajasthan on 26 August 2014. Kalyan Singh first became the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh in June 1991. He later served as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh again between September 1997 and November 1999.

(4) Ms. Mamta Banerjee (Born: 5th January 1955 at Kolkata) – Mamata Banerjee is an Indian politician who has served as the 8th and current Chief Minister of West Bengal since 2011 being the first woman to hold the office. Banerjee began her political career in the Congress party as a young woman in the 1970s . In the 1984 general election, Banerjee became one of India’s youngest parliamentarians ever. She founded the party All India Trinamool Congress (AITC or TMC) in 1998 after separating from the Indian National Congress, and became its chairperson. She is often referred to as Didi. Mamta Banerjee has previously served twice as the Minister of Railways, the first woman to do so. She is also the first female Minister of Coal, and Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Youth Affairs, Sports, Women and Child Development in the cabinet of the Indian government. In 2011 Banerjee pulled off a landslide victory for the TMC Congress alliance in West Bengal.

(5) Manish Sisodia (DOB – 5th January 1972) – Manish Sisodia is an Indian politician who has been the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi since February 2015. He also holds the Education, Finance, Planning, Tourism, Land & Building, Services, Women & Child, Art, Culture & Languages portfolios in the Government of NCT of Delhi.Previously, he was briefly a cabinet minister in the Government of Delhi between late December 2013 and February 2014, when he had responsibility for education, PWD, urban development, local bodies and land and building. Prior to being elected to the Legislative Assembly of Delhi in December 2013, Sisodia was a social activist and journalist as well as a member of the National Executive Committee of the Aam Aadmi Party, and has been an active member since the inception of the AAP. While being the Education Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia has transformed the government schools of Delhi. All the government schools of Delhi have started seeing unprecedented improvement in the infrastructure and education system. Fees have also been reduced in private schools of Delhi. The credit for improving the education system in Delhi’s government schools goes to Manish Sisodia.

(6) Ms. Deepika Padukone (Born: 5th January 1986 at Copenhagen) – Deepika Padukone is an Indian film actress and producer. The highest-paid actress in India. As a teenager, she played badminton in national level championships but left her career in the sport to become a fashion model. She soon received offers for film roles and made her acting debut in 2006 as the title character of the Kannada film Aishwarya. Padukone then played a dual role opposite Shah Rukh Khan in her first Bollywood release, the romance Om Shanti Om (2007), which won her the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut. She gained further success with starring roles in the romantic comedies Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013) and Chennai Express (2013), Happy New Year (2014), Bajirao Mastani (2015) and Padmaavat (2018). Her first project in Hollywood came with the action film XXX: Return of Xander Cage (2017). Padukone is married to Bollywood star Ranveer Singh.

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