5th March – Happy Birth Day Of Famous Indian Celebrities

March 5, 2017

5th March is very charming birth day. The person born on 5th march becomes creative and attractive. The lucky color for those person is violet and lucky color is 7. There are many famous Indian person who born on 5th March. Here is list of those person.

Biju Patnaik(1) Late Bijayananda Patnaik better known as Biju Patnaik (Born on 5th March 1916 at Cuttack, Died on 17 April 1997) – Indian politician and Chief Minister of Odisha for two terms.

Nassar(2) Nassar (Born on 5th March, 1958 at Chingleput) – Actor of Kannad, Tamil and Hindi movies.

Let’s celebrate your birth day with Indian celebrities.

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