7th Pay scale for Panchayat and Niyojit Teachers in Bihar

November 28, 2018

7th Pay Commission has submitted final recommendation report for hike in salary for government employees.
This report has recommended hike 23.5% in overall salary. Minimum salary should be 18,000 per month.
By this report the new pay scale of Bihar panchayat teacher and niyojit teachers will be hike and overall salary would be Rs. 21000/ per month minimum.
The increased salary will be affected from 1st January 2016.
The salary of different teachers will be following.

Untrained teachers in primary schools – Rs. 21,000 to 23,500
Trained teachers in primary schools – Rs. 22,500 to 25,000
Untrained teachers in middle schhol – Rs. 23,550 to 26,700
Trained teachers in middle school – Rs. 24,700 to 26,900
Untrained teachers in High School – Rs. 25,600 to 27,500
Trained teachers in high school -Rs. 28,700 to 31,200

The salary would be vary on different date of joining.

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  1. SUJEET KUMAR says:


  2. Kishor says:

    This website is best for education and knowledge

  3. md Gyasuddin says:

    Good mornig all my frend wy not given bihar goverment mr nitish kumar all bihar niyojit teacher 7th pey wetanman
    keya problam hai bihar sarkar ko niyojit teacher co 7th pey nahi mil rha hai

    • prasad says:

      Because you guys don’t even deserve to become a teacher.Whatever you are getting as of now it is just a west of money.Government should conduct a fair and free test for all the niyojit teacher and whoever not been cleared throw them out immediately and whoever clear should get proper salary and all the facility .

  4. Raghunath Mandal, Patna says:

    The new pay scale on 7th pay commission for all kind of govt. teacher will be given from next year 2017.

  5. sant kumar says:

    7th pay scale will be for Shiksha Mitra in Uttar Prades.

  6. Renu says:

    New pay scale of bihar school teachers after 7th pay Commission report will start from Rs. 18000 per month minimum.. be happy..???

  7. Anita says:

    Shiksha Mitra Salary

    • Saroj says:

      If Bihar Government will follow the 7th pay commission recommendation, here is the most expected salary of teachers ( Niyojit Teachers & Panchayat teacher) of Bihar:

      1. Primary School, untrained teacher- Rs 24000 to Rs 26000 per month.
      2. Primary School, trained teacher – Rs 25000 to Rs 27000 per month.

      3. Middle School, untrained teacher- Rs 25000 to Rs 26000 per month.
      4.Middle School, trained teacher- Rs 27000 to Rs 30000 per month.

      5. High School, untrained teacher- Rs 26000 to Rs 27000 per month.
      6. High School, trained teacher- Rs 30000 to Rs 34000 per month.

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