8 Indian states are poorer than poorest African nations

July 12, 2014

This report would not liked by Chief Ministers of 8 states of India but by the UNDP Human Development Report 2010 there are 8 states in India who are more poor than 26 poorest countries of African continent. Bihar is on top of the list of poorest states of India. Other 7 poorest states are Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal.

Before some days Chief Minister of Bihar told that Bihar is growing by 16.50% growth rate. This report of UNDP has cleared that all data are fake as like fake certificates of trained teachers of Bihar who will get job of Rs. 25,000 per months.

Government of these states should care for development work for decrease poverty. They should work on ground level. CMs make policies in their chamber but they do not know for implement the plan. There are lacks of employee in these states for working at lowest level.

If you have any ideas for develop these poorest states then please share with us as comment.

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  1. Arjun | July 26, 2010
  1. Ashutosh chandraa says:

    Wht is the level of mathematics upto 12th or upto 10th.wht meant by elementry test

  2. Raaj says:

    It’s very bad to hear the corrupted india , we all need to change. We need to implement the new laws which should be strictly followed. If you see other countries we are the greatest country but still under developed or developing country. A secret agents or a new department need to to be established , they should have the right to punish the corrupted people. This organisation should be in secret and the people should be like the normal people . They need to be in every place , starting from the traffic police to the politicians of India. If any one of the person of this branch found that they are corrupted then they are hanged with no mercy. It should happen then we can see the fear in the people and in every community. Every body should fear of corruption and bribe. If we remove the corruption from the India then the development will be automatically seen. All the black money that are in swizz banks that should be found and everything needed to be distributed to the Government. If they deny then they are hanged with no mercy policy. A terror needs to be raised in the country. Every politician needs a degree and need to check his financial details when they enter the Politics and when they get out from their seats. Police in India needed to be changed, most are just making money. All the police department needed inspection. If any police find with more property then an enquiry needed to be done…..Raaj

  3. anon says:

    We should have an adopt a state program. A rich state in India should ‘adopt’ a poorer states giving it access to its labor market, technology and manpower assistance. It should also collaborate in education where students lacking access to good schools and colleges should be provided access to the rich state’s institutions.

  4. Lalu says:

    NDA Government is responsible for Bihar underdevelopment.

  5. shanti swarup mishra says:

    We are too few too be divided. Everything unites us.We are in this state of livelihood because, we dont have confidence and self respect and belief on what we do.
    We are too dependend to be deprived of basic needs.
    The only way to uplift from this state is to elevate our way of thinking, in every aspect, think 10 times, before we endevour a task.
    Think 100 times before we vote and think 1000 times before we give a commitment.
    If money is a means to reach the ends, then why do we always look forward to accumulate the means, when we can cultivate the ends directly.
    A small step towards cultivating our consicious, will certainly nurture reaps, on a longer basis.
    We cant make all people rich, as every person is different to other.And our thoughts should never aim to acheive so, but certainly we can improve the quality of life of our people.
    Its we who can bring a change, and we will bring a change.

    Shanti swarup mishra

  6. Yusof says:

    The best system to decreased the poverty rates in india is the state government must support the federal government.

  7. Meera says:

    Government should recruit all unemployed person for fast growth of state.

  8. M.Biswajit says:

    the best process to decrease poverty is to provide jobs and education in villages according to various govt. plans and advance the technologies and promote small industries which can promote more employment in villages which increases gdp and per capita income in our country

  9. Yuvan says:

    sir .tell me top ten biggest industrial state in India.

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