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May 9, 2020

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi is a world class medical college and hospital of India. This hospital was established in 1956. AIIMS hospital, New Delhi provides all kinds of treatment of any disease in very cheap rate. There are more then 1000 doctors in AIIMS.

AIIMS hospital provides following treatment in there department.

  • Treatment of heart disease
  • Treatment of liver disease
  • Treatment of asthma disease
  • Treatment of kidney disease
  • Treatment of stomach disease
  • Treatment of eye disease
  • Treatment of diabetes disease
  • Treatment of bone disease
  • Treatment of Tuberculosis MTB disease
  • Treatment of brain tumor disease
  • Treatment of brain fever disease
  • Treatment of ENT disease
  • Treatment of lung disease
  • Treatment of cancer disease
  • and many more..

There are following facility at AIIMS, New Delhi for treatment.

  • Open Heart Surgery
  • By Pass Surgery
  • Kidney Transplant Surgery
  • Hemodialysis
  • Paediatric Surgery
  • Eye Laser
  • Brain Tumor Surgery
  • Emergency Service etc.

Process of registration for treatment – First you have to get registration in OPD of AIIMS which is opens from 8 am to 4 pm. After that doctor refers patient to special doctor. After that patient’s treatment goes under special doctor.

Lodging and fooding facility near AIIMS – There are many hotels and dharmshalas near AIIMS, New Delhi. Raggadhiya Dharmshala is most cheap and best place for stay with patient where you can make your own food also.

Central Government is making six new AIIMS at Patna (Bihar), Jodhpur (Rajasthan), Rishikesh (UK), Bhubaneshwar (Orrisa), Bhopal (MP) and Raipur (Chhatishgarh)

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  1. Geeta Sharma | September 17, 2014
  1. Ravindra Prasad Singh. says:

    I am new pacent,want to treatment .

  2. Treavni prasad says:

    My kidney level is 5.94,,i want to kidney wife donoate kidney

  3. Ashok Purohit says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am suffring form Hepatitius B (Positive) since last 3 year.again test on 21.04.12 result found Positive. Kindly Help for Treatment.

    Ashok purohit

  4. sukanta sarkar says:

    I am going under treatment becoz 1st january 2012 it came out that i am suffering from kidney disease and the creatinine level was 3.17 and 24 hours urinary protean was 7.1gm and albumin +++.After 4 month treatment in north bengal medical college the creatinine level is normal and now it is 1.06.But 24 hours uninary protean is 590 mg and albumin:creatinine ratio is 5.94/dly.Please suggest me the best way.

  5. Prabhaker Choudhary says:

    I am suffering from arthritis pain so I want to treatment in AIIMS .Please help me.

  6. Prabhat Ranjan says:

    Sir, my one year old baby (Female) didn’t cry at birth and is under treatment since birth. Doctor says she is suffering from ‘BIRTH ESPHECIA’ and ‘CANVALSAN’. Now since one month she is in critical treatment of, as doctor advised, ‘BRAIN FEVER’, ‘SEREBRAL PALSI’ and ‘SEBRAL EDEMA’. Please advise me the best treatment, hospitals and doctors. I am thankful to you whole life.

  7. TANWEER says:

    My nice suffering from asthama ,age 11 yrs who will coform the name of specialist doctor.wants to consult urgntly.

  8. Narsingh says:

    i am suffring from hepatitius B(positive) i want to treatment in aiims so pleaSE help kindly

  9. my father is suffering from following diseses:- 1) severe obstructive ventilatety defect. 2) b/l huge emphysematous bullae. 3) phimosis says:

    my father is suffering from following diseses:- 1) severe obstructive ventilatety defect. 2) b/l huge emphysematous bullae. 3) phimosis

  10. NEETIN KUMAR says:

    My cousion is suffering with TB How can i trite in AIIMS

  11. Ravindra Singh says:

    Sir/mam! My mother is suffering from the arthritis from last 18 years now her knees is swelling & pain is much more. Can I get the best treatment in aiims delhi . kindly reply for the same.

  12. sanjay kumar says:

    my wife is suffering from arithritis from 5 years. much pain in back and finger. can she get cure in aims or be normal in condition. please reply. i am first time asking and getting information

    • divya gupta says:

      My father is suffering from kidney failure; he has swelling all over the body and cannot be able to walk…. his full body got heavy due to excessive water in his body….
      all doctors are giving us advice for dialysis n then kidney translation….. bt there is risk
      plz give me any solution to get rid of this problm
      i hope i ll get reply from ur side

  13. DILIP SONI says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,
    I am suffering Hepatitis B sinc last 3 years . need treatment in Aiims .

  14. jitendra gupta says:

    Dear sir
    My one year old son is suffering from coats in his right eye.

  15. saro says:

    my 2 years daughter has problem since long time
    nearly 1 year.she gets high fever.doctors gives blood,urine for testing.everything is normal.even x ray is normal.once it was e colli infection in urine.we treated her and she is ok. after that whenever we got tested blood ,urine,xray everything is normal. but still this problem continues.when she is treated then she becomes well. but after 15day or 1month.she gets fever again.plz help me. how i can contact in aiims new delhi. how much is the charge around.

  16. Hament Singh says:

    Sir, my brother is suffering from kidney infection, kidney disease. So I requested to all doctor please rajstared.

  17. ankur dave says:

    my child suffering from dmd tell me best surgical treatment for him. what about stemcell therepy. plz give me reply as soon as. in aims I want to treat him

  18. Anil kumar sharma says:

    Respected sir.
    i am suffering from Pain in my foot frecture due to careless in treatment . I also seen in some doctors for this and do the exra he says that u having a pain due to some Parts of skin into the frecture area. So i want permanent treatment like operation due to after 4 Months i have a merriage plan. What cost estimated . Mu number is 9992595921, 8398883159 ,i am from jammu and basically stay in panipat last 10 Years.
    thanks & Regards.
    anil kumar sharma

  19. Vishal Porwal says:

    Sir my age 24 I have lower back pain last 3 years now after stand up I can’t straight direct wht to do plz help ?

  20. Tajinder singh says:

    Sir, my uncle is suffering from kidney he needs donor.So I requested to all doctors please registered. If any donor read this request then please contact me at 9815151094;9814051094;9915702171.

    • Tajinder singh says:

      Sir, my uncle is suffering from kidney disease his blood group is O+ve
      .so he needs donor.So I requested to all doctors please registered. If any donor read this request then please contact me at 9815151094;9814051094;9915702171.
      Adress: 3A,mall road, Amritsar. Punjab.

  21. Yusuf, Kerala says:

    Provide name of hotels or dharmshala near AAIMS, New Delhi.

  22. Himesh says:

    how can take online appointment in AIIMS for treatment of blood pressure?

  23. Sabrina Sultana says:

    Dear Doctor, Good day. I have problem with my middle ear. The disease is Endo lymphatic Hydrops…..gradually I am losing hearing. Sometimes I feel restless and I feel very bad . I am taking Neuro B(1+0+1),Cinaron Plus(1+1+1), Natrilix SR(one tab in every 3rd day), clobe and Meclizine(on ear attack). Is there any alternative for Natrilix SR because my K ranged decreased. To stop hearing loss and to keep myself fit what should I do? Any doctor is there for giving me advice me? I can send my all reports Doctor said in Bangladesh that, gradually I will be loosing hearing and at last there will be no problem in the ear and I will have not hearing capability. Now, I am confused about my treatment. For giving me advice I can send money through DHL.

    With best regards.

    Sincerely yours Sabrina Sultana +8801711367989

    or +8801769111997(Cell no of my spouse Jishan)

  24. I am suffering 5 year hepatitis B I need good doctor & good titment, I don’t no where I faind good doctor hepatitis B beast doctor.

  25. rajeshkumar says:

    I want donet kidny o+contact me

  26. prem chandra says:

    Hello sir
    i have lunges patient i need for better treatment now she is on ventilator i want to sift form kathmandu nepal to india delhi in AIIMS with AIR AMBULANCE please give me direction

  27. Preeti shajan says:

    My father’s both kidney became fail. Is any body want donate kidney? He should be b+ blood group. pls help me

  28. YASH MISHRA says:


  29. Satyendra singh says:

    My 4year child suffering from lungs infection so please help me my cont no is 9156569151

  30. Niraj kumar says:

    my baby 7 .4 year old master Auyush is suffering from duchenne muscular dystrophy as a result of deletion of exons 45 to 50 in the dmd gene as tested by mlpa .

    sir please advice .

  31. Alok kumar says:

    My wife is suffering from infertility and her Fallopian tubes are blocked. So she is not conceived. I want Ivf treatment at aiims center.
    Please you suggest me to which aiims center branch is my helpful.
    Sir please suggest me the best treatment.

  32. Ikbal khan says:

    Hello sir
    I am suffering from TB from 6 months .
    I want to take treatment in Delhi aiims . what is the process for that

  33. Kamar says:

    Viewers i am Geeta Kamar, am from India in new delhi, Me and my entire family has been suffering for hepatitis B from birth, We have gone to all the hospitals and there wasn’t any solution even our family DR confirm it to us that there is no cure for this disease but can only be control even my first child is Hepatitis B positive, till this day a friend of mine told me about this Dr Osele who have help her to get rid of this incurable disease name Hepatitis B, That was how i give it a try, to my fullest surprise me and my entire families are now Negative of Hepatitis B even it was a surprise to my scientist Dr who graduated with PhD here in India, he now direct all his Hepatitis B positive patient to this wonderful Dr Osele who cured all diseases with herbal medicine, don’t be left out contact him if you are diagnose with this same disease, after be cured he told me that he cured all manners of diseases,i am sharing this testimony both in internet and everywhere so that people who are diagnosed with kind of diseases should contact Dr Osele via email healthmedicallab At gmailcom

  34. lavanya says:

    My husband is suffering liver cirrhosis for past 3 years
    my husband is under treatment. we need an your doctor’s appointment for treatment. pls help sir

  35. SHANTU KUMAR says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am suffring form Hepatitius B (Positive) since last 1 year.again test on result found Positive. Kindly Help for Treatment. what is the process for that.and in which doctor meat

  36. ashish says:

    Respecred Sir,
    my 3 year old son is suffering from kidney disease. right kidney infection So my humble request to all doctor please registered

    Ashish sah

  37. Ali says:

    Sir my father suffering from ashtma long time so please you suggest me best Dr. In aiims hospital

    • santosh ku sahu says:

      sir My brother suffering from pancreatis duct .so please suggest me best DR. In aiims hopital,delhi

  38. Rakesh Kumar says:

    My son Shivam Anjay go under muscle BIOPSY found DMD. He got stem cell therapy but not found progress. He get gene test at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, observed exon 46 to 50 deletion and exon 45 & 51 found present.
    AIIMS, DELHI – OPD Regd no. 6797/05 dt 22.03.05, stem cell details CR no 816857 DO ad 5.8.05 & DO Dis 9.8.05 deptt confirm the present treatment status at AIIMS FOR DMD.

  39. Sripathi vineethkumar goud says:

    My brother have suffering from muscler dystrophy.. In our hospital medicine is their… R no tell me

  40. Sofia, Saudi Arebia says:

    I am from Saudi Arabia. My dad need a kidney. His blood group is A+.
    What is facility of Kidney transplant in AIIMS, New Delhi? How much charge of Kidney Transplant in AIIMS?

  41. Ahmed Husaain, Delhi says:

    I am 32 year old from Delhi, India. my blood group is o+, I want donate my kidney without money. How can I help to needy person?

  42. DEESHANT Kumar says:

    I wanna treatment my daughter in aiims hospital New Delhi he has a heart problem.

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