Baba Ramdev New Yoga For Rise New Hair

January 7, 2020

Baba Swami Ramdev is Yoga Guru of India. He teaches the important way for prevent from many diseases. Hair fall in early age is very common in people. Baba Ramdev says that any body can stop hair loss without any medicine.

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev says that Yoga can not stop hair loss only but also rise new hair which have gone. After do Yoga of 5 minutes daily your all lost hair can be back in 2 month only.

The Yoga for stop hair loss and rise new hair is very simple. Just massage your finger nails of your both hands to each another for 5 minutes only daily. This massage creates blood circulation to each part of skull’s skin. By which the cells of skull’s skin become active and the roots of hair get new protein. This protein does work as fertilizer for hair root. By which the new hairs arise from those roots.

If you do this Yoga daily then you can see the result from after one week. After 2 month your all lost hair will be rise.

This Yoga has been proved in many peoples. Many bald people keep stylish hair after rise new hair due to this Yoga.

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  1. Jayesh says:

    Sir, Very Thanks to you that you adviced too much informatic solution for stop hair loss and rise new hair. I was searching from a long time for suitable yoga for stop hair fall. Is any medicine in ayurveda by which new hair would araise?

  2. sivan says:

    i tried this for 3 months. no use… is there anybody who got good result?

    • Sudhir says:

      Hi Sivan,

      I started doing pranayam after reading about baldness on some discussion page like this. I also watched several videos of Yoga Guru Swami ji for related to baldness.

      I will now tell you about my results. When I was 21 years old in March 2011, I started loosing my hair. My baldness started appearing in 2013. My hair were very full I think that is why it took that long to appear baldness. I looked for many all types of medicines but no medicine could cure it.

      So, the last resort before I have hair transplant I thought to try pranayam. There is no harm in trying. Then I started doing all 7 pranayams. I will tell you a truth now. Prayanyam is seriously boring thing to do. I did all 7 pranyam for like 1 week, then I did come across discussion and Swami ji video, that KapalBhati alone can cure 99% of body problems.

      I started doing just KapalBhati for 30-45 minutes (15min-3 sessions) in June 2016 and now after 1 and 1 month my hairs started going back. I have seen immense growth and fullness in my hairs first time this month. That is the reason I am sharing this news to benefit all others. KapalBhati is also boring but you can do it while watch TV or movies.

      I will say to everyone you may have few ways to grow your hair back but natural growth of hair is another thing. You will love your yourself when your 1 year of hard work pays you more then what you invest.

      Last thing, I will say is I will make a website or facebook page specially for people like me who wants to grow their hair back through natural ways. I will also share my baldness photos to see how much much time and growth it takes to get it. Guys, who start doing KapalBhati from today, don’t expect results till 1 year at least. You are doing pranayam not hair cut where you can see result right away. So, believe in yourself and believe in Yoga(KapalBhati). All the best

  3. dhayandsagar says:

    i doing yoga frm 1week,my hairfall has stoped.ramdev is really great.

  4. raj says:

    yes it works

  5. Ranny says:

    It Works Trust me…I start seeing babyhairs on my sclp from where i lost earlier….thanks Baba Ramdev

  6. sandeep bansal says:

    sir i am doing yoga for last few months.but not tried to nail rubbing.i have lost my hair on my starting’z give me any solution to stop this.

  7. Goutam says:

    I almost loose my hair u reffer to use the divya kash oil when i use this oil my hair comes out please provid the perfect solution

  8. Goutam2 says:

    I use the oil but it can’t stop it i suffered since 4 year and i still suffering please help me

  9. lalit joshi says:

    i want to know that how can we reduce the dihydrotestosterone (causative factor for hair loss)by yoga?

  10. ramzi says:

    i am ramzi my age is maximam hair drop already.i want grow new hair my head.i know from my friend your product is very can you provide for me the medicine for hair please contact with me and provide for me hair rise.

    • amit sharma says:

      i lost my hair 50% i m 23 year old pls give me the best solution stop hair loss and regrowth my hair pls help me …….

  11. neha tambi says:

    my name is neha, my age is 24.i m doing yoga(nail rubbing) from 2 months..but i have lost my hair..i m so sad plzz help me…!!!

  12. Rohit kumar singh says:

    is there any oil

  13. vinod saini says:

    Sir , I am vinod .I referred hair falls for 4 year continue. I have lost more hair. I have used every type of oil&sampoo but not get pls help me

  14. Nitesh says:

    sir how many minutes nalis rubbing

  15. Coontie Ramcharan says:

    Good day Baba I am from Trinidad . My top of my hair is thinning and also my My temples on both sides. Please help me

  16. mudasir says:

    I had male pattern baldness in front and left side of head. I had use lot of medicines for 3 years but no result can any medicines stop hair loss and baldness.

  17. Rimpy says:

    Swamiji i m suffering from hairs loss last 15years pls suggezt some yoga asans as i am doing regurlarly the same adans as in your blogs but no use as of now..

  18. dimpal says:

    Ramdevji says rub your nail 5 to10 minute per days but he didn’t tell that u will lose your nail

  19. ahuja ajay says:

    Ayurvedik Treatment of Hair loss

  20. neel says:

    I started nail rubbing after 1week my hair become so strong bt after that it became again weak am doing still for 3 month BT still I’ve excessive hair fall….total faltu…..

  21. rohit verma says:

    do yoga kapalbaati ,anulom vilom, sirsaasan ,nail rubbing daily. eat grean leafy vegetables, onions, fruits like Amla, mosmi, orange, apple. drink 4-5 litre water daily. massage the scalp and bald patches (ganje nishaan) 3 times a day with a mixture of 1. Tulsi 2.amla 3. alovera 4. Onion juices (make a paste of them and then extract the juices). in 2-3 months you will see the bald patches is covered with new hairs. its ayurvedic treatment so it’s time taking please do on regular basis for perfect results

  22. Kedar says:

    If you are suffering from Baldness then you should know about main reason of hair falling. The main cause of Baldness is weak root of hair. But you can stop hair falling with Ayurvedic medicine. “Shulika” is a Ayurvedic plant which is found in Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalay state. The fruits of this plant is very useful to re-rise fallen hair. If you use this fruit then hair will rise again in 2 months only. This works 100%. This is dry fruit. And it contains many types of Vitamin. So, use this fruit.
    My hair was fallen Approx 80%. My age was only 32 years. I am working in Bank. I was transferred to Shillong. There, I knew about this plant by local Ayurvedacharya. I stared eat “Shiluka” fruit. After only 2 month I found that new hair risen on my bald head. After 6-7 months baldness has completely finished. Every person has surprised with this fruit.

    • Shekar says:

      Hi Kedar,

      Can you please advise where I can “Shiluka” fruit in Mumbai, as I searched online but none found. can you please help me out?

      You can call me on 09819331575

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