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September 26, 2018

There are many insurance companies in India who provide many types of vehicles insurance. People want most the easiest insurance policy plan for their car or bike. The premium of insurance of depend on price of your vehicles.

Here is list of some best insurance companies who give best insurance policy for vehicles in low premium.

(1) Bajaj – Allianz Motor Insurance
(2) ICICI Lombard Motor vehicles Insurance
(3) Tata AIG Car Insurance
(4) General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC)

If you know about best insurance policy for car or bike then you should share your ideas with us.

So don’t wait and write down about any one best insurance policy in comment box for new car, second hand car, bike, second hand bike, heavy vehicles, renewal of vehicles insurance, third party claim policy etc.

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  1. insurance is a thing to insure life and property.for which the people are toiling day and is a thing which bring a peace of mind that brings a sound sleep at night.and to prevent us to become insane.i am in fevour of Bajaj – Allianz Motor Insurance because i have seen my friend who got accident which any one can get any moments but the more important thing was that he got the insurance claim within the stipulated time and besides that the staff of that company themselves felt that they have met with the accident in such a way they treated us.I personally believe that the company who is standing with its customers and take care the emotion of them is the best. and that is with Bajaj – Allianz Motor Insurance .so i give my cent percent support to Bajaj – Allianz Motor Insurance

  2. Nancy says:

    I think ICICI Lombard have best car insurance policy. You have to pay lesser premium amount than others car insurance policy. I purchased second hand car and I went ICICI lombard insurance. They renewal old insurance of second hand car easily.

  3. Soumeet says:


  4. Nagraj says:

    I think ICICI Lombard Motor vehicles Insurance is bestly suitable for a car or two wheeler based on the following facts
    in ICICI lombard insurance Car Insurance Premium is calculated based on the car’s Model, Age and the Registration City. Due to this Pricing Model, in some cases, the premium for similar cars could be higher as well these details known to me by taking insurance from ICICI lombard for my uncle
    Two Wheeler Insurance- Why you need Right Motorcycle Insurance?
    It is only possible to get a right insurance through only ICICI lombard insurance

    Remember to never get caught driving a bike without proper bike ICICI lombard bike insurance if you do not possess an bike insurance policy. Thus, you should make a smart choice before buying the two-wheeler insurance for your motorcycle
    i think it is just small amount i tells about the ICICI lombard motor vehicles insurance and it is best suitable for cars and to wheelers.


  5. Amit kumar singh says:

    ICICI is best for any vehicles insurance

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nice Car

  7. Mohnish says:

    How can i submit my laps premium of my car insurance?

  8. Raman mishra says:

    i am intrested

  9. Dipak says:

    Bajaj gives best insurance for four wheeler vehicles.

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