Bhagalpuri Tussar/Tasar Chadar Online

January 4, 2020

Tussar/Tasar Silk (तसर सिल्क) industry is very popular in Bhagalpur. Tasar silk sheet in Bhagalpur is very soft. It can be comfortably worn on the body in mild cold.
Now Tasar silk sheet of Bhagalpur is also available online. You can get it from Bhagalpur sitting at home.

If this item is not available in any shop near you, then you can get it from Bhagalpur by parcel. There are some persons in Bhagalpur, who on your request, buy your desired item from the local shop of Bhagalpur and parcel it to your address by Indian post office.

The price of Tasar Silk is Rs. 250/- per piece. Packing and delivery charge is Rs. 70/- per piece.
This sheet is available in yellow, green, sky and white colors.
To order this sheet online, you will have to pay online along with placing an order. Only then the sheet will be dispatched.
For bring this item by parcel please contact following –
S.K. Singh
Mashakchak, Bhagalpur.
Contact/Whatsaap – 9934277101

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