Bihar Intermediate Exam (10+2) Program 2013

December 21, 2012

Bihar School Examination Board (S.S.), Patna has published the program for Intermediate (+2) Science, Arts, Commerce and Vocational Courses exam 2013.
The exam will start from 18th February 2013. Here is the program.

1st Sitting
2nd Sitting
18.02.13 I.Sc. Biology I.A. Philosophy
I.Com Entrepreneurship V.C.* R.B. Hindi
19.02.13 I.A Language Subject I.A.. I.Sc. I.Com Computer Science
I.A.. I.Sc. I.Com Multimedia, Webtech
V.C. Foundation Course
20.02.13 I.Sc. Physics I.A. History
I.A. Yoga & Physical Education V.C. English
21.02.13 I.Sc. & I.Com Language Subject I.A. Psychology
V.C. Vocational Trade 1
22.02.13 I.Sc. Chemistry I.A. Political Science
V.C. Vocational Trade 2
23.02.13 I.A. N.R.B. & M.B. I.Com Accountancy
V.C. Vocational Trade 3
25.02.13 I.Sc. & I.Com N.R.B. & M.B. I.A. Sociology
V.C. Related Subject
26.02.13 I.A. Music I.Com Business Studies
27.02.13 I.A. & I.Sc. Mathematics I.A Economics
28.02.13 I.A Home Science
I.Com Economics
01.03.13 I.A. Geography
* V.C. – Vocational Course,
1st Sitting – 09.45 am to 01.00 pm
2nd Sitting – 1.45 pm to 5.00 pm.
Additional 15 minutes a “Cool-Off” time is being given to help the examinees to organize themselves before writing the answer.
Practical Examination – From 01.03.2013 to 09.03.2013.

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