Bollywood Movies On Corona & Lock Down

April 12, 2020

Corona disease started showing its side effects in the whole world from January 2020. In the entire world, 108,862 people died of corona disease by 12 April 2020. This is the biggest tragedy in the world after the second world war. This disease has created an outcry in India. From the beginning of February, corona disease started showing its effects in India as well. Due to many infected people from abroad, this disease spread in India too. When the corona spread in the world, about 1.5 million came from abroad. And these people went to different corners of India. In March, the disease started to grow dangerously.
In view of this, many states announced lock down. Later, the lock-down was implemented by the Government of India for 25 days from 25 May 2020. Since then, all trains and buses in India were stopped. Crores of people got trapped away from their home in another district. Due to the closure of all the traffic routes, several thousand poor people started walking from big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. to their homes in the states of UP, Bihar, Gujarat etc. They reached their village by walking thousands of kilometers on foot. But there were also many unfortunate people who died on the way.
Many of these traumatic events shook Bollywood too. Many Bollywood filmmakers have announced to make a film on this tragedy which occurred on poor people during lock down. Renowned filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has said that he will start the production of a feature film based on this tragedy, just a few days after the lock-down is over. Similarly Prakash Jha has also hoped to make a film on this exodus of Bihari poor. Famous film director Kabir Khan has also talked about making a feature film based on India’s background about Corona.
It is expected that the production of these films will be completed by next year.

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