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May 8, 2020

If you want to any where by train without reservation then you have to go in general coach of train. You can book online ticket for general coach of any train.

After book online ticket for general coach you are not authorized for take seat in reserved coach. The reserved coach of trains are –
(1) AC sleeper First class
(2) AC Sleeper 2 Tier (Second AC)
(3) AC Sleeper 3 Tier (Third AC)
(4) Third AC Economy
(5) AC Chair Car
(6) Non AC Sleeper First Class
(7) Non AC Sleeper 3 Tier

There is an another class in every train which is called “Second Seating” which is equivalent to General Coach. You can seat in any coach in that train (except- reserved coach). The price of online ticket for general coach is similar to general ticket, but you have to pay Rs. 15.00 in additional for each tickets.

The main problem in online booking of general ticket is that this ticket is valid for only that specific train for which you have booked it. Where if you purchased a general ticket for passenger train from ticket counter of railway station then you are free to go by any passenger train. If you have purchased a general ticket for express train from ticket counter of railway station then you are free to go by any passenger train or express train.

So, be sure for your train before book online general ticket for any train.

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  1. Do you know the train is a new structure of steam engine. Do you know the steam engine was made by “JAMES WATT” . In the earlier time the train was made up of woods… Now our train is going to be double daker the indian railway engineers have presented the model of double daker train which will run in kolkata.

  2. Now a days the train is goin to be like a aeroplane…
    The engineers of the indian railway had presented the television facility on the back of the seat which will entertain the passanger.

  3. sahil says:

    Do you know that in early days when there was no Air Conditioning system in trains,big size ice blocks were used form cooling purpose of train coaches .

  4. Sumit says:

    You have said that, railway general tikets can be booked online.. But from which site? i have not found any link yet to book general tikets…

  5. Gayetree says:

    Some train has started online booking for general ticket.

  6. Anup says:

    Please provide me how to get general ticket online.

  7. narayan shinde says:

    how get the ticket.

  8. LAKSHMANAN says:

    I have gone through the details of online booking of train general tickets. As far as I know, there is no such provision through online in IRCTC. The bookings explained above is RESERVATION OF SECOND SITTING SEATS in trains. As already explained, the said ticket cannot be used for any other trains other than the booked one and if it is cancelled on any condition, the cancellation rules of reserved tickets will be applicable. In short, it is the reserved ticket and not general open ticket. If it was open general ticket, it could be used for all other trains within the time limit

  9. Durgadas ghodake says:

    Solapur to pune pasenger

  10. M.N.KARTHIK says:


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