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December 12, 2010

If you want buy gold in cheap rate then you should buy cheap gold from Abu Dhabi, Dubai. Abu Dhabi is center of gold. Here you can buy gold in cheapest rate in world. If you can not go Abu Dhabi then you can buy gold online from Abu Dhabi.

There are many e-shop in Abu Dhabi who sells gold for all over world. The price of gold in Duabi is approx 40% cheaper than other countries. There are no VAT or any tax have to pay on puchasing of gold.

If you import gold from Dubai then you have to pay excise duty on gold. But, if you are NRI then you can bring maximum 1 KG gold in one year to India with yourself.

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  1. Meena Nikunj says:

    What is latest price of Gold in Dubai? How much gold is allowable for bring to India from Dubai?

  2. Kela says:

    L wii like to have more informacion of bay gold thank you

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