Candidates List Of All Parties In Sultanganj Vidhan Sabha Seat

October 8, 2020

Assembly elections in Bihar will start 28 October 2020. This election will be held in three phases. The counting of votes will be completed on 10 November 2020. For the first phase elections, several parties have announced the names of their candidates. Apart from this, many independents will also try their luck in this election.
Sultanganj assembly constituency is in Bhagalpur district. Sultanganj has great spiritual significance. There is an ancient temple of Ajgabinath situated on the banks of the Ganges. In every Shravan month, lakhs of Hindu devotees from here and abroad come here, and after worshiping in the temple of Ajgabinath, offer the same water on the Shiva lingam in Baba Vaidyanath temple, 105 km away with Ganges water.
There will be election in Sultanganj assembly constituency in the first phase. Here many candidates have got their nomination, the list of which is the following.

  1. Lalan Kumar Yadav (Congress)
  2. Himanshu Prasad (RLSP)
  3. Lalit Mandal (JDU)
  4. Nilam Devi (LJP)
  5. Veena Kumar (Indian Democratic Party)
  6. Naresh Das (SUCI)
  7. Pankaj Kumar (Janta Dal Rashtrawadi)
  8. Ramananad Paswan (Independent)
  9. Dharmendra Singh (Aam Adhikar Morcha)
  10. Rajkumar Saah (Independent)
  11. Ravi Suman Kumar (Bhartiy Sablog Party)
  12. Rajan Kumar (Independent)
  13. Abhishek Kumar Singh (Independent)
  14. Sarita Devi (Independent)

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