Latest Herbal Medicine For Control Diabetes

March 7, 2017

A new herbal product has been dictated in village of Bihar, India, by which every kind of diabetes can be controlled. This herbal is a kind of a jungle grass. The diabetes patient has to take decoction of this herbal product. Very soon this product will be launched in market. The price of this herbal […]

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Government Funding For Treatment In Private Hospital

September 20, 2014

Government has started medical insurance for treatment of patient in private hospital. Under this scheme Government give financial fund for treatment of grievous disease as Cancer, Kidney Failure, Brian Tumor/ Brain stroke. TB, etc. There are many documents are required for take financial aid for treatment. The fund is based on diseases. These funds are […]

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Tips For Lose Overweight And Get Slim Belly in One Month By Simple Homework As Exercise

July 2, 2014

Many person are affected from overweight. Overweight is a big problem for human health. Every person either male or female should care for remove overweight. Here are simple tips for remove overweight and slim your belly by do simple homework as exercise. 1. Mop the floor – Moping the floor by sit daily is best […]

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Ayurvedic Oil For Stop Hair Fall & Dandruff

October 7, 2013

If your hair is falling before time and you want to stop this then you should try Ayurvedic hair oild for stop this big problem. There are many Aurvedic hair oil and tonic are available in Indian market which help to remove dandruff and stop hair fall. Related posts: Indian Herbal Oil For Stop Hair […]

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Indian Diet For Control And Remove Obesity (Fatness)

September 20, 2013

Obesity becomes big problem in maximum people in our society. Approx 27% people in India are suffering from obesity. Obesity is a disease which comes from hereditary, bad food habit, no physical work and fast food. Here is tips for remove obesity in one month by adopting special diet and medicine. Breakfast Diet For Control […]

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Homeopathy Medicine for Swine Flu

September 2, 2013

Central Homeopathy Council of Health Ministry of India has declared that homeopathy medicine Arsenic Album-30 is very effective medicine for swine flu. Ministry has said that after find symptoms of flu patient should take one dose of this medicine three days in huger stomach. Flu will be finished after one course of 3 days. If […]

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Indian Diet For Weight Loss

August 29, 2013

Fat is dangerous for human body. Our body is made for work out. But due to easy life style, new technology, fast food 55% people get unwanted fat. These fats are causes heart attack, diabetes, blood pressure, joint pain and hundreds of another diseases . You can reduce fats by heavy work out. But many […]

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Baba Ramdev New Yoga For Rise New Hair

August 7, 2013

Baba Swami Ramdev is Yoga Guru of India. He teaches the important way for prevent from many diseases. Hair fall in early age is very common in people. Baba Ramdev says that any body can stop hair loss without any medicine. Related posts: Indian Herbal Oil For Stop Hair Fall Baba Ramdev’s University To Offer […]

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Cheapest Hair Transplantation Clinic in India In Rs. 50000 Only

July 23, 2013

The hair falling in early age is very common problem today. You look older then your age due to hair loss or fall. But now you can look young after transplant of hair. Related posts: Indian Herbal Oil For Stop Hair Fall Cheapest QWERTY Mobile Phone In India @ Rs. 850 Cheapest Tourist Place in […]

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One Time Insulin Controls Diabetes For 3 Month

July 14, 2013

Indian scientist has given big relief for diabetes patient who takes insulin or medicine daily. Scientists of National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) has innovated latest insulin injection which controls diabetes for three month after take one dose only. Related posts: Treatment of Diabetes by Ayurveda / Ayurvedic Medicine. Tips For Control Diabetes Without Medicine […]

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