How To Change Permalink Of Any Post Of Blogger

June 10, 2019

If you have a blog then you need to change permalink (url address) of any post of your blog many time for any reason. Or you want keep different permalink of your any post.

The change of permalink of post in Blogger is difficult but there is a tric by which you can make different permalink (url address) from name of your post.

To keep different url address (Permalink) of a new post in your blog, write the those word in Heading of post which you want to keep permalink. After that write your post. After that publish that post. Just after publish click on edit button of post. After that change your title of your post and keep title as you wish. Now publish that post again.

The title will be change but permalink will not change. So from this trick you can keep different permalink from the title of your post.

Comments (3)

  1. Ronaldo says:

    I want change the url address of my website without loose the google search engine. How is it possible?

  2. Jackobe says:

    I have changed permalink of my old blog address but it is not appearing in Google search now. How can I list my new blog address into google search?

  3. Reema says:

    Easy way to change wordpress blog to blogspot blog.

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