Cheapest Plan For 1 Year Incoming Validity

January 5, 2020

If you want to reduce the cost of your mobile, then you should choose a plan in which you can get the facility of incoming for maximum time at the lowest cost. In such a situation, some telecom companies are talking about launching a one-year validity plan. Sources reveal that Airtel is going to bring a plan in which the Airtel customer will continue to get the incoming facility for a full year on a recharge of only 240 rupees. There will be no talk time in this plan.
To call another number, the customer has to recharge the top-up. This plan brought by Airtel will be very good for those who do not want to recharge every month. This plan will also be useful for those who use their mobiles mostly for receiving calls. If we average the rate of this plan per month, then it is Rs. 20 per month.
That is, the customer can get the incoming validity for a full month on his mobile at the rate of just Rs 20 per month. No other telecom company has any other plan cheaper than this plan of Airtel for incoming for a month. Airtel is considering announcing its new plan soon.

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