Cyril Ramaphosa Will Be Chief Guest On 26th January 2019 70th Republic Day Ceremony

November 11, 2018

India is going to celebrate 70th Republic Day ceremony on 26th January , 2019. This is very important day for India. So, Indian government is planning for invite a special chief guest for the ceremonial parade on Rajpath, New Delhi on 26th January, 2019.
Before some time, Indian government has sent invitation to President of US for chief guest on republic day, but due to some reason US President could not accept the invitation.
After that, Indian government has sent invitation to South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa as chief guest for 70th Republic Day of India.
The tradition of convening the Foreign Government on the occasion of the Republic Day celebrations has started from the year 1950 itself.On the occasion of the first Republic Day held in 1950, the then President of Indonesia Sukarno came as the first guest.

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