CM Nitish’s popularity declines: Pre-Poll Survey For Bihar Election 2020

September 20, 2020

Legislative assembly elections in Bihar will be held in November 2020. NDA and UPA will be mainly face to face in this election. All political parties have started preparations for this election on their behalf.
Meanwhile, to know the mood of the people of Bihar, the BJP conducted an internal survey in the whole of Bihar in the last week of August. The report of this survey is negative for the current ruling parties. It has been revealed in this survey that the people of Bihar are very angry with the Chief Minister. This resentment in the public about Nitish is mainly about unemployment and poverty. On the one hand, Nitish claims that during his rule of 15 years, Bihar developed a lot. But on the other hand people say that the government system in Bihar has completely collapsed during Nitish’s rule.
The biggest problem in Bihar is about unemployment. The youth of every household here have to go outside the state to do jobs. There is no job in Bihar. Not only this, education and health are also in bad condition in Bihar. People of Bihar have to go to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or any other city due to any serious illness. Due to which people of Bihar have to face a lot of hardships. People also told that in every government scheme of Nitish government, only corruption dominates.According to an internal survey conducted by the BJP, the NDA is expected to win 50 seats in this time’s election. Out of the remaining 150 seats, the equation of victory of UPA candidates seems to be forming. This time among the youth of Bihar, there is enthusiasm to remove Nitish Government in Bihar.

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