Connect Microsoft Lumia 950 Mobile With Monitor And Use As PC’s CPU

January 16, 2016

Lumia-950-DS-hero-jpgMicrosoft brings latest Windows 10 mobile “Microsoft Lumia 950”. This mobile can be used as a CPU for your computer.
Just connect your Lumia 950 to a Microsoft Display Dock and use it with an external monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. Office apps and Outlook scale up to create a big screen-optimized work environment that makes you more productive. This latest mobile provides facility of bring your desktop’s CPU in your pocket. You can use your computer any where. In Microsoft Lumia 950 mobile, you’ll get pre-installed Microsoft Office Package and Outlook, which you can use your mobile as desktop any where. All other features of a Windows 10 computer are in this mobile.
With an octa-core processor and a 5.7” Quad HD display, it’s the most powerful phone. With USB-C Fast Charging, an extra-large battery, and wireless charging, it’s pure power that’s easy to charge.
With powerful camera features like Rich Capture, a triple LED natural flash, and a 20 MP sensor that has been engineered to virtually eliminate motion blur.
The price of this mobile is approx Rs. 40,500 in India.

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