Date of Remove Lock Down In India

April 14, 2020

Corona’s impact was first observed in India on 30 January 2020. In February, the disease started increasing slowly. In early March, the disease also occurred in Delhi. When the disease started rampant, the Rajasthan government first announced a lock down in Rajasthan on 22nd March, 2020.
The day the Central Government of India implemented the 1-day Janata curfew. On the same day, from 22 March to 31 March, the Government of Rajasthan announced the lock down in entire Rajasthan. After this, the lock down was also announced on 23 March in Maharashtra, Bihar. The lock-down was announced in these states by 31 March.Despite this, the number of Corona patients began to increase. In view of this, the central government announced a lock-down of 21 days from March 25 across India. With this announcement of the government, all trains, buses etc. were stopped. All the people were instructed to stay in the house so that they could avoid the corona virus. After 15 days of lock-down, it is seen that common life is facing a lot of trouble. Poor people are facing the most problems. However, the government has announced a relief package for them,
But providing relief material is not an easy task for such a large population. Therefore, the government is in favor of removing this lock down. But the case of Corona is still increasing, due to which the government is in disarray whether the lock-down is completely lifted or not.
The government has decided to extend this lock-down till May 03, 2020, but there is a lot of hope that in some cases the government may also give a waiver from 20th April. It is quite possible that shops of clothing, electronic, electric, footwear, including stationery, can be relieved from this lock down.
Trains and airplanes will remain closed until 30 April. The lock down on school, college, coaching, park, mall, theater, religious place, public function, marriage hall, conference, building work will continue till 3rd May. Lock down will not be applicable to work related to crop, dairy, fishery, poultry.

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