Differences Between Real And Fake 500 Rupee Note

November 25, 2016

Indian government has announced now currency note of Rs. 500 on 8th November 2016. Old currency of Rs. 500 will be invalid for any kind of transaction from 30th December 2016. Bank has issued new note of Rs. 500.
But unfortunately, there are some fake note of new Rs. 500 trading in market. So, you should have beware from fake currency note of Rs. 500. Here is easy tips to identify differences between real and fake note of Rs. 500.

Here are two pic of note of Rs. 500.
1st is specimen of Real note of Rs. 500/- and second is photo of fake currency of Rs. 500/-
The differences –
(1) There in no shadow of photo of Gandhi Ji in real note.
(2) There is no shadow of photo of Ashok Stambh (right side) in real note.
(3) There is little distance of written Rs. 500 and ear of Gandhi Ji in real note.
(4) In the real note , word “Reserve Bank Of India” is very clear (Right side upper).

How to check the reality of Rs. 500 note. Here is simple tip.
Take a note of Rs. 500 brom bank or ATM, and keep it for proof. If you get note of Rs. 500 from anyone else then check similarity from that note which you get from bank or ATM. If you find that both of note ore same then note is real, but if you find that there are differences between your note and other note then , other note may be fake.

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  1. Ajit says:

    Fake notes are dangerous for our country.
    There were approx 40 billion fake notes in India.


    Thanks for give me information about that.

  3. Sandeep kar says:

    Thanks for give me information about that

  4. Roma says:

    Can I exchange old currency in USA?

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