Do Business Without Any License Or Any NOC Tax Free For 3 Years

March 30, 2019

Congress president has announced that any person can start new business without take license or any certificate and run for 3 years continuously. Those entrepreneurs will not have to submit any tax return for 3 Years. Under these scheme any person can start following business without take licensee from any government department.

  • Selling of sand, stone and other house making materiel.
  • stone chips plant.
  • Medical Shop
  • Mineral water plant
  • Mobile shop
  • Cloth manufacturing factory
  • Ice cream Factory
  • Wooden plant
  • Food making plant
  • Bread and Biscuit making plant
  • Any Newspaper or Magazine publication
  • Cinema hall
  • Plastic product making plant
  • Animal Feed making plant
  • Cloth shop
  • Shoe and slipper making plant
  • Cotten Bag making plant
  • Potato Chips making plant
  • Software development company
  • These business can be license free, if congress government will come in center.

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