Download BSNL Wing And Call All Over India On Mobile Or Telephone In Free

July 12, 2018

BSNL has launched latest technology for call on mobile or landline telephone in any where in India in free. You can call for unlimited time without any charge of calling.
This technology is available in an app. This app can be download in any smartphone. After download this app in mobile you can call to any mobile or landline connection. You can use this app by any internet connection or wi-fi connection. After use this service you can make call without any sim card.
After download this app, user have to register on this app. After registration you will get a number , which will be your number. When you call any person on mobile, then this number will be appear on receiver’s mobile. Any person may also call to you by a mobile or landline telephone on that number. Then your mobile will be ring.
For use this app, your mobile should be in network of wi-fi or its its internet should be on.
This mobile app is useful for those person who use Jio wi-fi or any other wi-fi service. Because the Jio wi-fi does not provide the service of calling.
By Wing app, you can reduce your mobile bill of your home. Just use only one wi-fi dongle for use internet access for all members of your home/office. And by the use of same wi-fi dongle every member can make free voice call to any where. So, by this process, by use only one wi-fi dongle every member of your family can access internet and also make call by their own mobile.
For example, if you use Jio wi-fi dongle and recharge with Rs. 400 for 3 month. Then your all family member can use internet on their mobile and make any voice call/ video call to any where by Wing app which run on wi-fi.

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