Easy Loan For Taxi and Auto Rickshaw

May 12, 2020

Indian Government is planning for bring easy loan scheme for taxi and three wheeler auto rickshaw for Indian. Any person can apply for loan for any type of commercial three wheeler and four wheeler vehicles like (Maruti Van, Mahindra Bolero, Tata Sumo etc.) which can be used as taxi.

Government is looking for great scope for self employment and earning opportunity in field of local transportation. Government will announce very soon the scheme for full loan with easy process for taxi and auto rickshaw. Central Government will give the loan to any unemployed person who is residents of India. Government will not take any mortgage against loan for taxi or auto rickshaw.

The applicant should be matriculate (board exam pass) minimum. He/she should be aged between 18 to 45 years.

The return of loan will be in very easy installment. The installment will be flexible. If any person can not pay full installment monthly then he can reduce installment amount any time. Only installment period will be increased. The application will be accepted by Government and after that Government will give instruction to local branch of any national bank for sanction of loan.

Government will give loan more easily to any micro transport agency for maximum 10 taxis. Registered micro scale transport agency can pay installment easily and on time. Government will have not depute more recovery agent if a transporter takes loans for 10 taxis in compare of 10 individual loan taker.

Every vehicles (Four Wheeler or Three Wheeler) will have to insured from best vehicles insurance company of India. The installment of loan will be included for installment of vehicles insurance. So installment of vehicles installment would be monthly/ quarterly/ half yearly or yearly for commercial vehicles. Its depends on your installment payment mode of loan.

The loan scheme would be come till last of this year.

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  1. Animesh, New Delhi says:

    I am Aminesh from Delhi. I want loan for Tata Sumo Victa from Delhi Government. How can I apply for that?

  2. Jitendra says:

    I am Jitendra from Delhi. I want loan for Maruti Estilo Lxi from Goverment.How can I apply for that.

  3. Jitendra says:

    I am Jitendra from Delhi. I want loan for Toyota Innova from Delhi Government. How can I apply for that.Please provide me application form.

  4. jignesh chauhan says:

    namaste my name is jignesh from baroda gujarat i want a loan from gujarat govt to purchase tata indica how can i apply for thatpls provide info and application form

  5. Mohammed Muqeet Ahmed says:

    dear sir,
    I am from nizamabad dist of andhra pradesh,
    i want to purchase a new tata sumo victa car,please provide me the details for how can i get the loan for the car, i will be waiting for your reply .

    Thanking you


    Mohammed Muqeet Ahmed

  6. Shahul hameed says:

    Sir I am Shahul Hameed from Tamil nadu. I want to purchase mahindra logan for taxi, for that i need loan from government. please advice and give me details for getting loan from govt.I saw in your website that Indian govt is providing loan for this, but when the will start issuing this loan.pls send details & information to my mail id. I will be waiting for your replay.

  7. suresh says:

    hello my name is suresh from andra pradesh i want loan for four whelle pleace help me

  8. Suriyaprakash says:

    am prakash from tamilnadu, i want purchase tata indica Or mahindra logan for taxi.this time want need to loan. so kindly guide to me.

  9. Subbiah says:

    I want to buy a auto richshaw. I need a loan. Please help me out.

  10. NIRAV says:

    I am nirav from gujarat, i want purchase tata indica Or mahindra xylo for taxi.this time want need to loan. so kindly guide to me.urgently

  11. Alfa says:

    Sorry. Nobody but scammers will offer you a loan given the eamcurstinccs you describe.Try relatives, Mom Dad, brothers, sisters, grandparents, etc. That’s pretty much your only hope.

  12. Atul Sood says:

    i want to buy one or two auto rickshaw for punjab (amritsar) kindly tell me all formalities for easy loan. please help me to take loan

  13. d sardar says:

    i am hs pass student i am interested a transport business,can i apply a tata sumo car loan on govment bank.plz reply me sir my family income is very low…..plz reply me

  14. Abdul salam says:

    Sir, i want to buy innova or chevrolet enjoy taxi on loan from government.? How can i?

  15. chitra says:

    in case if any bank or society can offer loan for purchasing auto rikshaw for selfemployment please inform. it is urgent for leading our life

  16. sudip ghosh says:

    I want to buy a auto richshaw. I need a loan. Please help me out i live west bengal

  17. suvarna kuchan. says:

    hi i am suvarna, i need a Taxi Loan in mumbai how i will apply?

  18. Sharook says:

    I want buy zantro taxi please help me to get easy loan scheme

  19. RANJEET says:

    I am ranjeet from ghaziabad. I want loan for mahindra xylo from U.P.,Please let me know the formalities and documantations


  20. raghu says:

    Sir, I want take loan for mini truck from bank. How can I apply for this?

  21. Ranjitha. G says:

    hallo sir / mam… I kindly request you to inform what all documents you required to buy a 3 wheeler auto.

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