Solved Question Paper West Bengal Civil Service Executive (Pre) Exam 2013 Subject – GS Page 2

Direction :- Replace the bold word by any of the given below –
(20) It was queer to see his behavior.
(A)Natural (B)Odd (C)Probable (D)Convincing
(21) ‘We are superior to everybody else’ is the utterance of a/an –
(A) Egoist (B) Pacifist (C) Anarchist (D) Chauvinist
Direction :- (Q 22 and 23) Choose the word closest to the meaning of the bold word
(22) The patient needed an anodyne for his strained nerves
(A)Alcohol (B)Opium (C)Medicine (D)Painkilling balm
(23) The news came like a bolt from the blue.
(A)Windfall (B)Thunderbolt (C)Sudden and unexpected (D)shock
Direction:- Insert the appropriate phrasal verb in the blank below to make the sentence meaningful
(24) His friend ….. his word much to his despair.
(A)went back on (B)went away from (C)went with (D)went in
(25) An omnivorous creature is one who
(A)eats both plants and animals (B)Omnipresent (C)Omniscient (D)Eats nothing
(26) Who was the ‘Man of the match’ in 2011 Cricket Worls Cup Final?
(A)Sachin Tendulkar (B)Yuvraj Singh (C)M S Dhoni (D) Gautam Gambhir
(27) What was the ‘Dam’
(A)Copper coin introduced by Sher Shah (B)Copper Coin introduced by Akbar (C)Copper Coin introduced by Shah jahan (D)Copper Coin introduced by Aurangzeb
(28) West Bengal produces……..of the rice produced in India
(A)10% (B)15% (C)20% (D)25%
(29) India’s Informal Sector engages
(A)93% of its works force(B)68% of its works force (C)77% of its works force (D)16% of its works force
(30) Which novel of Rabindrnath Tagore makes a critique of Swadeshi Movement
(A)Chokherbali (B)Ghare Baire (C)Chaturanga (D)Char Adhyay
(31) The founder of “Facebook” is
(A)Steves Jobs (B)Mark Zuckerberj (C)Larry Page (D)Bill Gates
(32) Who said : Sab Lal Ho Jayga?
(A)Guru Gobind Singh (B)Ajit Singh (C)Tegh Bahadur (D)Ranjit Singh
(33) Leading which expedition did Pritilata Waddedar die?
(A)Chattagram armoury raid (B)Feni Expendition (C)Carpole expedition (D)Attack on Pahartali European club
(34) India refines…..M. M. T. of petroleum annually.
(A)195 (B)215 (C)230 (D)250
(35) The Prime Minister of Japan is
(A)Shinzo Abe (B)Yoshihiko Noda (C)Naoto Kan (D)None of the above
(36) A man selles an article at a loss of 10%. If he has sold it for Rs. 40 more he would have gained 10%. The cost price of the article is
(A)Rs. 250 (B)Rs. 200 (C)Rs. 300 (D)Rs. 180
(37) If A+B means A is mother of B, A-B means A is brother of B, and A x B means A is sister of B, the P-M+NxQ means
(A)P is uncle of Q (B)P is brother of Q (C)P is nephew of Q (D)None of above
(38) At every forty five minutes a train crosses the Maharaja Gate. Just 10 minutes ago one train crossed the gate and next will be crossing at 9.35 am. What is time now?
(A)9.15 am (B)9.00 am (C)9.05 am (D)9.10 am
(39) Bangladesh was created in the year –
(A)1956 (B)1971 (C)1990 (D)1947
(40) The controversial Vedanta Almunium Plant is located in
(A)Maharashtra (B)Odisha (C)Jharkhand (D)Bihar
(41) Who introduced the ‘Sunset Law’?
(A)Warren Hastings (B)Lord Cornwalis (C)Lord Bentink (D)Lord Canning
(42) World’s longest railway platform is –
(A)Kharagpur (B)Vishakhapattnam (C)Secunderabad (D)Kanpur
(43) When didi Tebhaga movement begine in Begal?
(A)1942 (B)1944 (C)1945 (D)1946
(44) The National Green Tribunal was establishes in India in
(A)2009 (B)2010 (C)2011 (D)2012
(45) The latest population Census was undertaken in
(A)2011 (B)1991 (C)2005 (D)2001
(46) The ‘Doctrine of Lapse’ was introduced by –
(A)Lord Wellesley (B)Lord Dalhaousie (C)Lord Canning (D)Lord Linlithgo
(47) ‘Higgs Boson’ is-
(A)Name of a film (B)An elementary particle (C)Generic name of a medicine (D)Planet
(48) Indo-China war broke out in –
(A)1952 (B)1971 (C)1962 (D)2001
(49) Indian coal is mostly –
(A)Anthracite (B)Bituminous (C)Lignite (D)Peat
(50) The headquarter of NATO is located in
(A)New York (B)Vienna (C)Brussels (D)London


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