Educational Qualification Of Bollywood Stars

February 29, 2020

Many Bollywood stars earns in Billions, but maximum of them are not well qualified in schools or colleges. Here is detail of educational qualification of Bollywood super stars.

Amitabh Bachchan – Graduate
Shahrukh Khan – Graduate
Salman Khan – 10th Pass
Aamir Khan – 12th Pass
Akshay Kumar – 12th Pass, Undergraduate
Abhishek Bachchan – 12th Pass, Undergraduate
Ranbeer Kapoor – 12th Pass, Undergraduate
Imran Khan – High School Pass from California
Saif Ali Khan – 12th Pass, Undergraduate
Katrina Kaif – Never went to any school or college.
Karishma Kapoor – 5th Pass
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Undergraduate
Priyanka Chopra – High School Pass
Kangna Ranawat – 10th Pass
Bipasha Basu – 12th Pass
Anushka Sharma – 12th Pass, Undergraduate

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  1. raj says:

    katrina neva went to any school rofl 😀

  2. sinv says:

    Kaif studied in various countries. Her mother worked in NGOs and so moved to many countries like Hong Kong, Hawaii, France, Germany, China and Japan. She pursued her engineering studies in London at age 17, but she was not interested in that field

  3. Krishna says:

    What is qualification of Rajnikanth?

  4. Aamir says:

    katrina neva went to any school ??

  5. pritam kmar panda says:

    katrina kaif never school to college nothing but why

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