Establish White Phenyle Making Plant

October 10, 2019

White Phenyl is a essential material for cleaning home, office etc. White Phenyl is a local product which can be sell easily in each town.

White Phenyl is a chemical. For production of White Phenyl, you have to take license from Industry department.
The making procedure of White Phenyle is very easy. Just take a 40 liters water in a plastic drum. Now add one liter hatric white phenyl concentrate in water, and mix proper. Your white phenyle is ready for pack in 1 liter bottle. You can sell this white phenaly in your local market. You can bring hatric white phenyl concentrate from any industrial market.
Phenyle making business is very profitable in low investment. You can start this business in Rs. 1 – 2 lakh.

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  1. sanjay gupta says:

    Please provide project cost and project details

  2. suraj ramrao gaikwad says:

    i need training for making white phenyl.
    mob no.: 8408041993

  3. jaimin prajapati says:

    plz give me a contact no. from where we can get hatric white phenyl concentrate

  4. raj gupta says:

    I want making white phenyl . please trenig me

  5. A K Datta says:

    Interested for an automatic plant for manufacturing white Phenol. Can you suggest the name of some good consultant from where i can get the total guidance & project report.

  6. Raj Kumar says:

    I want know method for preparing white phenyle and their equipment Who’s needed and total cost for plant

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