Exchange Your 500 or 1000 note Without Going Bank

November 10, 2016

1000-notesAfter bann on Rs. 500 and 1000 rupee Indian currency many small and big businessmans are worry about their hard currency. But there were many ways to exchange your money without going bank.
1. There are many companies who are in business of exchange big amount currency by small amount currency. These companies are working on commission basis. They take 5% commission on every amount.
2. You can deposit your electricity bill by old 500/1000 currency.
3. You can give small loan to any person by 500 or 1000 currency without interest. They can deposit that amount in their bank account. After some time they’ll return your original amount in new currency and they’ll get good interest from bank.
4. You can clear your all old debt by old note.
5. You can exchange your old currency at metro station ticket counter.
6. You can exchange your old currency from any any bank account holder on little commission. Because every bank account holder can withdraw Rs. 10,000. If you give Rs. 10,500 old notes then he may pay to you Rs. 10,000 in low amount currency.
7. If you have good faith in any person who have not big amount in his/her bank account, then you can give him/her for deposit their account. He/she can deposit Rs. 2,50,000 in his/her account. After some time they will return your amount in new currency.

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