Feature of Tata Nano Car , Rs 1 lakh car

March 20, 2013
Tata Motors will launch Nano car on 23 March (Monday) 2009. This Car will be cheapest car of the world. This car will be available in Stranded and Deluxe version Let’s know about feature of Tata Nano Car –

Size of Nano

Length : 3.1 Meter
Height: 1.6 Meter
Width : 1.5 Meter

Type of Engine of Nano

The engine of Nano car will be 623 CC with 2 cylinder. This is the petrol engine. Tata has said that this is first time when Gasoline Engine of 2 cylinder is used with Balance shaft in a car.

The safety View in Nano

Whole body of TATA Nano made from sheet metal. Its door are very strong. Its seat belt quality is super. Tyre without tube used in Nano.

Millage of Tata Nano

Tata Nano is not only cheap in buy but also in running cost. The millage of Tata Nano is 20 K.M. Per Ltr. Due to high millage the carbon DI-oxide has produced very less then other cars.

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