Flat’s prices fall due to Corona in Delhi and NCR

April 20, 2020

Corona disease has caused a lot of devastation all over India. India has been locked down since March 25, 2020. The effect of corona disease in Delhi has been shown to be very high. Due to this, a lot of impact is being seen on the businesses of Delhi.
Due to the side effects of Corona, many people in Delhi and NCR want to go back to their state now. Many people are now eager to sell their flats. Due to which the prices of houses in Delhi NCR are falling. Now the situation is such that there has been an acute shortage of people buying flats in Delhi. Due to this, the builders are reducing the prices of many of their project homes by 20 to 25%. The builders say that due to the corona, the demand for new homes in Delhi NCR has reduced considerably. It may be that this situation now remains till the end of this year. Due to the shutdown of the industry business due to Corona, there has also been a shortage of money with customers. Because of this, customers are no longer in a position to buy flats at a high price. In view of all this situation, the builders have reduced the price of flats significantly.
It is also quite possible that the price of flats in Delhi NCR can be seen to fall by 35 to 40%.
The price of 2 BHK flats in NCR has come to around Rs. 12 lakhs. It is possible that by the time of July, the price of these flats in Delhi will come to Rs 10 lakh.

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