Free BSNL Broadband for rural area

February 10, 2017
BSNL will launch free broadband service for rural area of Bihar. BSNL will give the facility of Wi-Fi taechnology ( Wireless Intaernet Broadband) for rural area of Bihar.
But it is the main question that who will operate the computer in rural areas of Bihar. There are no use of internet for labors of farms. If BSNL gives the free or cheap broadband Wi- Fi service to urban areas also then it will be helpful to progress of computer letracy in Bihar.
The rate of BSNL Broadband in urban areas are very high (Approax Rs.900/- per month for unlimited download).

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  1. Abhay singh Rana says:

    only labourers of farms not use to live in rural areas. internet is more necessary than u for farmers. it is spreading his tanticles in rural areas and able to turn our GDP & will show u result in next some years.

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