Get Rs. 2500 per month as Modi Government’s Unemployment allowance or Basic Pay Scheme

December 27, 2018

Modi Government is going to launch an attractive scheme for the poor and the unemployed. The benefits of this scheme will be available to those poor and unemployed who have no job. Under this scheme, there is a possibility of giving monthly income of Rs. 2500 to the poor and educated unemployed. This plan will be announced on January 26th 2019. The benefits of this scheme will be given to nearly 10 million poor and educated unemployed.
The following people will be beneficiaries to take advantage of this scheme –

  • Those who have a valid degree of graduation but do not have any job.
  • Those who do not have their own house to live in.
  • Who are disabled.
  • Those who are widowed and have children.
  • The government will offer a any job to the unemployed allowances, if the beneficiary refuses to do that job, their unemployment allowance will be stopped. It is also possible that the government can take any necessary work from the unemployed youth for some days in per month.
    Minimum age of beneficiaries of this scheme has been ensured for 25 years. There is no limit to the maximum age. Rs. 2500 will be sent to the bank account beneficiary. The unemployed allowance will be available only to educated unemployed till they get any kind of job. Unemployment allowance will be closed if any unemployed youth gets any job. Anyone who is related to a business will not get the benefit of unemployment allowance. Before getting unemployment allowance, the beneficiary will have to give the affidavit that they are not earning any income and they are not employing anywhere. The benefit of this scheme will be available to any one member of family only.
    If a married girl’s husband is engaged in any employment, then the unemployment allowance will not be given to that girl. Likewise, the unemployed husband of the service holder wife will not be able to take advantage of this scheme. Only those educated unemployed will get benefit of this scheme if his parents’ income is less than Rs.1 lakh per year and they are not employed in any type of government service, neither get govt. pension more than Rs. 1 lakh annually. If a young person does self-employment, so that his income is more than 3000 rupees monthly then he will not get the benefit of this scheme. The employee working in a shop or factory will not be able to get the benefit of this scheme.
    Though this plan will be announced on January 26 from the Red Fort, but it will not be implemented immediately in the entire country.
    At present, these plans will be started as a project plan in one or two districts. After the Lok Sabha elections, it is expected to implement it in the entire country. Government will run registration campaigns for those wishing to take advantage of this scheme. To implement this scheme in the entire country, it is expected to take at least December 2020.

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