Gautam Goswami, Famous DM of Patna Ex- IAS officer dead : A Biography

January 7, 2018
Gautam Goswami, the Bihar IAS officer who made headlines as one of the Time magazine’s Asian Heroes of 2004 and later as an accused in the flood relief scam, died on Tuesday 5th January 2009. . A 1991-batch officer, Goswami, 43, was suffering from pancreatic cancer.
The former Patna DM first hit the national headlines when he literally put his hand on microphones to prevent then Union home minister Lal Krishna Advani from continuing his speech at an election rally in Patna in 2004.

He was also a medical doctor and a gold medalist.

Goswami has been in the limelight several times. When he was Patna DM during last Lok Sabha polls, he went straight to BJP star campaigner LK Advani on the dais at Gandhi Maidan and asked him to stop his speech, saying “the deadline had expired”. He was selected one of the 20 Asian Heroes by TIME magazine. Bokker prize winner Arvind Adiga has written about Dr. Gautam Gosawmi in Time Magzine and told him as one of 20 Heros of Asia. However it is now alleged that throughout, Goswami allegedly channelled government money set aside for flood relief into a labyrinth of private accounts. The Indian Express first started reporting on possible misappropriations in 2004. These investigative reports soon caused a backlash against the officer.

The reports meticulously detailed the suspected modus operandi. Goswami, it was said, was funneling funds to a private company named Baba Satya Sai Industrial Corporation, and maintaining in the records books that money was paid to BSSIC. BSSIC, incidentally was also the acronym of the state agency, Bihar Small Scale Industries Corporation, that oversaw relief work. It is reported that one year later, during the audits, it was discovered that less than 1% of the money reached those affected. Goswami was eventually re-instated. His health had been an area of concern and he was being treated for pancreatic cancer.
Booker Prize winner Arvind Adiga has wroten about Gautam Goswami in Time Magazine and told him in one of 20 Heroes of Asia.

Arvind Adiga has written about Gautam Goswami –

Gautam Goswami
Laying Down the Law

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Posted Monday, October 4, 2004; 21:00 HKT
When flash floods hit the Indian state of Bihar in July, millions of people were displaced from their homes, many without access to food or drinking water. A catastrophe was looming, and Gautam Goswami did more than anyone to avert it. As the district magistrate—the top bureaucrat—in Patna, Bihar’s capital, Goswami coordinated a massive relief effort that involved the Indian government, army and international aid agencies. At 4:30 each morning, Goswami was at Patna’s airport hangar, seeing off helicopters loaded with food, drinking water, tents and medical supplies; then he made sure truck convoys headed off to areas that could be reached by land. Goswami, 38, and his team toiled for a month, until the floods receded and the displaced returned home.

Bihar is India’s poorest state, and one of its most violent. Many Indians view the territory—which is infested with gangsters and Marxist guerrillas—as a basket case beyond redemption. But Goswami is helping to save it. For example, after three successive parliamentary elections in Patna had to be either partially or entirely countermanded because of violence and electoral fraud, Goswami was put in charge of the ballot in 1999. He barricaded Patna, so that gunmen in cars couldn’t enter the city, and set up telephone lines for citizens to call in with complaints. In 1999 and 2004, with Goswami as the overseer, Patna had the two fairest elections it had seen in years.

Goswami’s reputation for upholding the law improves the image of a civil service perceived by many Indians as corrupt or inefficient. Says Goswami: “There are so many more ways to help people in this job than in any other.”

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  1. Siddharth Chauhan says:

    D.M. Gautam Goswami is my idol want to be an I.A.S. officer like him. He is great.

  2. rashedha says:

    from my childhood days i had an aim to become a collector and i loked for information then i got his biography and now he became a role modal for me.

  3. rahul kumar says:

    he was really a hero

  4. vipul borole says:

    D.M. Gautam Goswami is my idol want to be an I.A.S. officer like him. He was great.

  5. M.S.Bindusri says:

    Dear sir
    i am Bindusri student of class 8,studying in mirambika school for new age.Sir my first and biggest ambition is to become an ias officer.So i request you to please tell me some important points to become an ias officer



    D.M. Gautam Goswami is my idol want to be an I.A.S. officer like him. He is realy great man.
    And i am proud to his work.

  7. chitharanjan k r says:

    D M Gautam Goswami is my hero. IAS officer like himk He is the great

  8. Rohit Sharma says:

    i lost a great versatile personality.lost


    Rohit & Brij
    Form Patna

  9. Rohit Kumar Choudhary says:

    I salute Dr. Gautam Goswami IAS Officer. Really he was great Indian,officer, & patriot.

  10. AVINASH says:

    sir,we people r really miss u.u r the 2nd image of god

  11. SUNNY says:

    Which palce village, block and District DM GAUTAM GOSWAMI BELONG TO…???

  12. ruchi says:

    death of a star before it could lighten the entire universe.i really feel sorry for him becoz this honest man was born in india where honesty hardwork ,knowledge hardly matters and only dirty politics plays its part and hence took away his life and reputation .May his soul rest in peace But stii i want to be next Gautam goswami

  13. jwala aryan says:

    Gautam Goswami is my Idol.He was a great man

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