Hotel Near Anand Vihar Railway Terminal New Delhi

December 1, 2019

The Anand Vihar Railway Terminal, New Delhi is new railway station for Bihar and West Bengal’s route. This railway station is 12 km far from New Delhi Railway Station. If you want stay in any hotel near Anand Vihar Railway Station then you should go New Delhi Railway Station or Paharganj (Just near of New Delhi Railway Station), because in the case of you are going from Bihar or west Bengal to Delhi then Anand Vihar railway station is situated before Delhi and east of Yamuna river. This area is last of NCR. So, there is no any hotel near Anand Vihar Railway Station.
But You can go easily Paharganj by metro train. Metro train is available just out from Anand Vihar Railway Station from where you can take direct ticket for New Delhi Railway Station. Paharganj is situated just out of New Delhi Railway Station, where you can find hotel in Rs. 300/-, 400/-, 500/- 600/- 700/-, 800/- , 900/-, 10000/- and above.
There are lots of budget hotels and restaurants in Pahargang area.
For go to Pahargang area from Anand Vihar Railway Station, take ticket for New Delhi Railway Station. You have to change metro train in Rajeev Chowk. You can also take direct bus/auto/taxi service from Anand Vihar Railway Station.

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