How Can Get Refund Of Tatkal Ticket Cancellation

January 2, 2018

Often we book Tatkal tickets only, when we need to go somewhere on urgent. But sometimes it happens that our journey becomes cancel. In this situation , we need the cancel our Tatkal tickets.
Earlier it was a rule that, after canceling Tatkal e-tickets, the 25% of Tatkal e-ticket’s fare was deducted. But now this rule has changed. In some cases, the full refund can be returned after cancel the Tatkal ticket.
The biggest reason is the ‘cancellation of the train’. Yes, if your train is canceled, then the railway will refund the entire fare for the Tatkal ticket.
If you miss the train, you will have to file TDR on the website of the IRCTC to get the money back of Tatkal Ticket. Refund will be returned to your account only after 6 to 7 days of filing the TDR. In this also some amount will be deducted.
If you cancel the Tatkal ticket , the railway will refund money after deduct cancellation charge, if your Tatkal ticket is under RAC or waiting list.
If you cancel confirmed Tatkal ticket then the railway will return refund after deduct cancellation charges. Some passengers sell their Tatkal e-tickets to other needy passengers instead of canceling the ticket. By doing so, they got complete refund refund of the Tatkal ticket. But this is wrong process. So, think twice before book Tatkal e-ticket.
If you cancel e-tickets after prepare chart, then you have to do file TDR for get refund of your cancelled tickets.

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