How IPL Team Franchise Earn Money ?

April 20, 2013

As you know that IPL is big bang for world of cricket. IPL has created the history in view of earning. IPL earns more then $ 10 Billion in one season which is more then one year earning of ICC.
But the franchises of IPL team earn more then IPL. There are many ways for earn money for franchise from the IPL team. Here is details of source of income of IPL Team Franchise.
(1) Franchise sells the team to many companies for ad and promotion. All players do the ad for many company without take any money for the franchise. The money wich is paid by companies for ad goes to franchise.
(2) No any players can ignore the direction of their franchise for ad and promotion.
(3) Players of all IPL team are not allowed for do any ad or promotion without permission of their franchise during the IPL match.
(4) Franchise earns money from the ticket selling of stadium. The net profit is distributed in franchises and IPL.
(5) The franchises earn money from television rights of IPL cricket match. The earning of television ad during the live cricket match distributes in franchise of both teams (which are playing on the ground) and IPL. Suppose that Mumbai Indians and Kolkota Knight Ridres are playing any match on any certain day. Then TV channel covers the live of that match and shows ad between the overs. TV channel pays shares of TV ad to the IPL. IPL distributes this amount to both franchise of IPL team and himself. So franchises want that their team should be play the more matches.
(6) Franchise of IPL team earns from the ad in stadium ground.
(7) Franchise sell their shares to some another investor in high value. New investor became part of franchise and take shares in profit of franchise.
(8) Every IPL match is fixed before its play. Match fixing is done in last 5 minutes before start the game. The owner of both teams earns money from bookies. It is in millions dollars. Every player of team know that what have to done in playground. All players show that they are trying hard to win the match but all players get more then their fees by fixing the match. Match fixing is main source of earn money for IPL team franchise. 70% of earning comes from match fixing. The play on playground is not real in IPL. This is only drama for making more money from ad and ticket. This is why that IPL wants more match from 2011. More match means more fixing, more fixing means more money.
IPL is biggest gamble of world. It is licensed gamble. IPL, BCCI, team owners, team players, team manager and all big person related to IPL earn in billions dollars in one IPL match by many source. Never think that any team have won any match by their talent. All team win the match from pre fixing.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanx for ur valuable information

  2. sumit mittal says:

    how you can say every match is fixed in ipl. If is it so then tell me something relevent, means which shows dat ipl matches are fix.

  3. Kishor says:

    My questions are sold out about frenchise mony waste

  4. Akash arya jaiswal says:

    Well done good job mind it .. How we enter in IPL own brand Add ?

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