How to earn money from small investment

February 12, 2020

There are many businesses which can be started in small investment. It gives good return in very short time. Here is list of those businesses which can be started in small investment.
(1) Food Delivery business
(2) Wooden furniture business
(3) Small Dhaba
(4) Cold drink selling
(5) Minral water supply business
(6) Bicycle repairing shop
(7) Children cloth shop
(8) Fruit Shop
(9) Sweet shop
(10) Ghee (Butter) making business
(11) Flower selling
(12) Mobile parts selling
(13) LPG refill business
(14) LPG stove reparing and parts selling Business
(15) Body Massage Parlour
(16) Vedio making for Youtube
(17) Singing Business
(18) Kids school
(19) Kids dress and product selling business
(20) Train ticket reservation agent business
(21) Food making and supply for hostel.
(22) Pets food supply
(23) Post office franchise
(24) Life insurance agent business
(25) Coaching for students
(26) Banking agent service
(27) Battery water making business.
(28) Vehicle tyre air refilling.
(29) Paan Shop
(30) Namkin breakfast shop
(31) Fruit Juice shop
(32) Lassi Shop
(33) Boiled egg and egg omelet shop
(34) Mobile Food shop
(35) Electric vehicles recharge station.

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