Idea Presents Unlimited Internet Offer

May 10, 2010

Idea Cellular presents unlimited internet for their user. Idea user can be use internet on mobile and computer by its internet offer. Idea is giving unlimited internet facility offer in two option.

First option is Rs. 5/- per day surf internet up to 50 MB. The user have to purchase STV of Rs. 5/- (Five) and they can use internet on their mobile and computer/laptop via data cable or bluetooth for that day till 12.00 am.

The second option is STV for Rs. 14/- for surf internet up to 200 MB. The validity for this option is 3 days.

The third option is STV of Rs 28/- for surf internet up to 500 MB through IDEA GPRS. The validity for this option is 5 days.

The fourth and last offer is STV for Rs. 98/- for 30 days unlimited GPRS with fair uses of CAP of 2.5 GB. 2.5 GB is enough for surf unlimited internet for single computer/ laptop till one month. You can not surf internet more then 1.5 GB on single computer in 30 days.

This unlimited offer is for Pre-paid IDEA GSM user.

User have to download GPRS setting for Idea WAP or pocket internet from customer care . For download the GPRS setting of IDEA mobile sned SMS “SET” to 54671. IDEA will send the setting on your mobile. Save the setting and configure it as default setting of GPRS in your mobile. Change your internet connection setting in your PC suit and and convert it t “IDEA India”. Now connect the internet on your computer/ laptop by IDEA cellular GPRS.
The speed of GPRS on IDEA cellular is good.

Warning– Do not use internet of IDEA cellular on your computer/ laptop without any internet pack. You will be in heavy loss if you use internet through IDEA GPRS on your computer/ laptop without any Internet pack. Your all balance of IDEA will be lost after 2-3 minutes. The charge of Internet surfing through IDEA GPRS without any internet pack is 2 paise per KB. This is very expensive. Any page of a website on computer takes minimum 250 KB. So you have to pay Rs. 5-6 for one page of a website, if you surf internet on computer through IDEA GPRS without use any internet pack.

Comments (16)

  1. Bharat says:

    what about postpaid users. I am paying Rs 150 + service tax. when they introduce such plan in postpaid

  2. uday says:

    tell me the distributor in sakinaka who will provide me the free sim card

  3. harish tari says:

    i think idea have to release unlimited internet for 1 month. you may increase the cost upto 200/-

  4. ricky valvaikar says:

    idea should release unlimited internet offer like aircel.because after receiving 55 bytes the net cannot be connected on that day

  5. Hare krishna says:

    pleas tell about idea unlimited plan

  6. rahul says:

    i am not interested this plan. Does idea give unlimited downloading ?

  7. mohit says:

    speed is undoutably no 1 . but u can download upto 70 mb per day it sucks

  8. sudhir says:

    Idea’s unlimited offer for internet in rs 98/-

  9. sachin says:

    plz tell unlimted internet plan

  10. ismail says:

    idea unlimited internet pek

  11. venu says:

    is there any unlimited internet plan in idea like aircel offer plz tell me

  12. Mohit Kushwaha says:

    please launch unlimited gprs plan

  13. thomas v mekkattukulam says:

    pls replay about idea usb type moddem internet connection unlimited and minimum 256 kbs speed pre paid and post paidin my laptop system

  14. chinmoy says:

    i like unlimited plan

  15. vasant says:

    i have idea internet plan of 98rs but i have one prolem in it bzoc the internet is on only for 2 hours in a day pls reply about it

  16. shekhar says:

    idea internet speed is very slow

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