Indian Census Result 2011 : Total Population

February 20, 2011

Indian population has crossed 121 crore (12.10 Billion) on 1 March 2011. The provisional census report has came. By this report population of India has crossed 121 Crore. Here is some other reports.

Total population – 1,21,01,93,422
Total number of male – 62,37,24,248
Total number of female – 58,64,69,174
% increase from 2001 to 2011 – 17.64%
The number of female on per thousand male – 940
Population density- 382 people per /KM square
Education – 74.04%
Education in male – 82.14%
Education in female – 65.46
Best performer state is Kerala in population control and other facility. Here is report about Kerala’s population report.

Total population of Kerala – 3,33,87,677
Total number of male in Kerala – 1,60,21,290
Total number of female – 1,73,66,387
% increase from 2001 to 2011 in Kerala – 4.86% (Lowest in India)
The number of female on per thousand male in Kerala – 1,038 (Highest in India)
Population density in Kerala- 859 people per /KM square
Education in Kerala – 93.91% (Highest in India)
Education in male in Kerala – 96.02% (Highest in India)
Education in female in Kerala- 91.98% (Highest in India)

The worst performer state for population control and other human development facilities is Bihar. Here is population report for Bihar

Total population – 10.38,04,637
Total number of male in Bihar – 5,41,85,347
Total number of female Bihar- 4,96,19,290
% increase from 2001 to 2011 in Bihar – 25.07% (Highest in India)
The number of female on per thousand male in Bihar- 916 (5th lowest in India)
Population density in Bihar- 1,102 people per /KM square (2nd Highest in India)
Education in Bihar – 63.82% (Lowest in India)
Education in male in Bihar -73.39% (Lowest in India)
Education in female in Bihar – 53.33% (Lowest in India)

So, Bihar is in worst condition in view of population and education etc.

Population of India may be crossed China in very near future. Government should take proper step for control population, otherwise no any planning will work here in India.

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  1. ananthu says:


  2. Rajshekar says:

    We have to control the population of india as much as we can

  3. YAMANDEV says:

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  4. John Methew, New York says:

    India’s big population is biggest problem for developing of India. Government should take strong step for stop population growth. India must make rule for no more children more then 2 for every Indian. Every Indian should think that birth maximum children is not sign of prosperity. Every Indian should care for high education to their children. Government should make policy for assured job for every graduate women of India. If every women will do job then population will be decreased sharp.

  5. Kritika says:

    One day will come when India’s population will cross China’s population. We should control it. Every male should marry after 35 and female should marry after 30.

  6. Neeraj Ojha says:

    Now government will have to think and act.

  7. Soumeet says:


  8. 121crore are perfect or,not.I thing something more…..

  9. mahe says:

    we change our educational infrastructural.

  10. DP Sharma says:

    I am eagerly waiting census figure of 2011 which enable us to plan for tomorrow appropriately. A good plan can only be possible if we have good census figure.

  11. Juhi says:

    How can control on population of India?

  12. Amitabh Bachchan, Mumabi says:

    We should control Indian population. Here is some solution for stop population growth-
    (1) Government should give jobs to all graduates women. Because women are factory for produce child. If they will be busy in their job then they will not produce more than one child.
    (2) Government should increase the minimum age of joining any Govt job. It should be 30 year. Because till age of 30 no male and female will be marry.
    (3) Government should insure to each pair that if they will produce only one child then Govt will pay all cost of that child up to get a job. And that child will get a govt. job after graduation.
    (4) Govt. should give education to each child from their primary school of benefit of small family.
    (5) Govt. should give good package to those couple who get married after 35.
    (6) Govt. should insure to give high stipend to each unmarried girl student up to master degree. By which those girl will be get married at late age.
    (7) Govt. should give welfare facility to any BPL or poor family for only four members. Extra child should not be considered for any benefit.
    (8) Govt. should give unmarried allowance to unmarried male and female.
    (9) Govt. should allow to open cinema hall in rural areas without any permission and tax because films creates heavy impact on society for development of their thought.
    (10) Education up to minimum 10th class should be must for take any Govt. welfare facility.

  13. K.N. Singh, Punjab says:

    I want know total number of Punjabi community.

  14. Rahim says:

    what is total population of Muslim in India?

  15. Suleman Bhai says:

    Detail of total Muslim population in India state wise. The total number of OBC Muslim in India is approx 2 Crore.

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