Indian Herbal Oil For Stop Hair Fall

February 17, 2019

Hair falling is common problem in all over world. Many people are suffering problem with hair falling in very early age. Many young male get this problem in age of 14-15 year only. The reason of hair falling may be many, but most main cause is hereditary. Other reasons are – tension, low calorie food, dandruff, any disease in skull skin etc.

One Indian herbal specialist Dr. Ratnakar Acharya (62) has found new oil which is best for stop hair fall. This herbal oil is in market as Dr. Ratnakar Herbal Oil. This oil stops hair falling in 15 days only. If you use this oil regularly then your problem of hair oil will be stop permanent. Dr. R. Mukharjee says that he found this medicine after 18 year long research at many herbal plant. He proved that many people has get complete relief from problem of hair falling. He told that after use of this oil for more then six month regularly new hairs arises also.

The process of use this herbal oil is very simple. Just take 5-6 drops of this oil and massage it at your head. You should massage this oil in night before sleep.

This oil is available in all herbal stores. The price of this oil is Rs. 80/- for 50 ml.and Rs. 150/- for 100 ml.

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  1. Rajshekar says:

    if the oil is good,lakhs of people no need to worry about their hairfall

  2. YAMANDEV says:

    e mail

  3. Neeraj Ojha says:

    My friend is very small of age 15 years but his hair fall has started. Is this oil safe? Plzz tell me ways to get this. He is in great need of it.

  4. pankaj sharma says:

    if this oil works tell me from which shop i can take this oil because this oil is not in my city

  5. Ilysir says:

    can you email how you guys go about it if we want to buy from you…via freight.

    this is from the Pacific Island?? waiting for your response from you Sir.

  6. sagar says:

    if this oil works tell me from which shop i can take this oil because this oil is not in my city

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