Innovative Business In Low Budget From Rs. 1000

October 11, 2019

Indians are very innovative and talented in new type of business. Many new business can be started from Rs. 1000 only. Here are ideas about innovative business in low budget.
(1) Start Battery Distilled Water filling business – It is vary innovative type business. Every house in urban area has occupied with inverter and battery. The battery need water in every month. If you start service of fill up the water in battery than you can make hundreds of clients in very short period. The investment in this business is below Rs. 1000. Just, purchase 50 pouches of Distilled Water in Rs. 500 and start your business by visit house to house and fill their battery.
(2) Start Grocery Store on Van – These days, many people have no time to go shop for grocery items. So, if you start grocery store on van and visit door to door, than you can earn lot of money. All customers will wait for you. You can hire an pick up van for this and arrange all needful items of daily use in this van. You don’t need to hire any expensive shop for this.
(3) Start Non-veg Dish Van – This may the one of the best idea for earn money by innovative ideas. No need to hire shop. Just make non-veg dishes in your kitchen, and arranges these dishes in your small van and visit in market and residential area. Believe, that maximum non-vegetarian will wait for you. But remember that, your item should be delicious and not much expensive.
No doubt that you will make money Rs. 1000-1500 daily as income from above startup business.

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