Land & Flat Registry Charge In Bihar After April 2016

July 10, 2016

Bihar government has increased the land revenue and registry charge of land and flats. The new increased rate has over ruled from 01 April 2012. By new rule the registry charge rate has been fix 5% of land cost and 7% of flat’s cost.

Before 01.04.2012 the rate for land registration and flat registration was 2% of its cost. By the new rule the registry charge and stamp duty for land purchase become costly in Bihar.

Bihar Government says that in the other state like WB, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and other the land registry charge is higher than Bihar till now.

If you purchase a flat in Patna in cost of 7 lakh then you have to pay 1,20 lakh extra for its registration charge and stamp duty etc.

The value of land and flats differs at place to place. There are many types of categories in which the land are divided. In the urban area the minimum value of land is higher than semi urban area. The categories differs on type of grade of cities.

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  1. a k verma says:

    dear sir,
    i want the govt valuation rate of old and new flat at Mahatama Gandhi Nagar, kanti factory road Patna -26
    a k verma

  2. sanjay says:

    I started make a building in my village. But the land which is busy for it is aprox 10 decimal(7 decimal own 3 decimal another). Now my building wall has complited aprox 5 ft hight from ground. Now they another person is stoping me to prepare my bulding. I also give the land to that person 3 decimal busy with thier house also not registered. What I do?

  3. Rupesh says:

    Dear Sir
    kindly tell me the registry charge of flat in Danapur, patna. i am purchasing flat which is 53 lakh approx value kindly tell me the total service charges & registration charges applicable

  4. kumar sunny says:

    my father is passed away and my mother is alive and i have a flat with the name of my father and i want to registry with my name what should i do please explain.

  5. vikash says:

    i want the govt valuation rate of new flat at gardanibagh,patna-800001 and what will be include amount in service charge and registration charges?

  6. Sunil Sharma says:

    Please provide formula of Registration fees, stamp duty and consultancy charge of munshi(clerck) for land purchase and registration in jaynagar, distt. madhubani, bihar through sub registration office jaynagar,madhubani

  7. Amzad Ali says:

    Dear Sir
    I want to know the govt. valuation rate of new flat at raja bazar, patna
    Also tell me the registry charge of flat for the same.

  8. K Mani says:

    Dear Sir
    kindly tell me the registry charge/stamp duty of flat in Ranjan Yadav Path,Rukanpura,Baily Road,Danapur,Patna.I am purchasing flat which is 59 lakh approx value.

  9. Rakesh kumar says:

    Sir, I have purchased a flat in danapur. Kindly tell me the total service charge and registration charge.

  10. SANJAY KUMAR says:

    i have purchased a flat in bhagalpur which is 21 lakh approx
    kindly tell me registree charge and other expenses.


  11. sandeep says:

    if i can be giftd a plot by father in law how much i have to pay stamp duty and registration fees towards that.
    kindly guide or reply

  12. Garima Shakya says:

    If I purchase a flat in Khgaul road Patna, cost of the flat is Rs 46 lacs. How much registery cost I have to pay. I’m woman beneficiary.

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