List of 200 Free Channel In Rs. 130 From 01 March 2020

January 2, 2020

TRAI has announced new charges of channels for all DTH and cable connection. TRAI has increased the number of channels in Free to Air Services. Till now at least 100 free channels were being shown in DTH or cable connection for Rs 130. There were 75 private channels and 25 Doordarshan channels. Adding another channel to it would increase the charge. But according to the new rules, at least 200 free to air channels will be shown for Rs 130. Mandatory channels will not be counted in these 200 free channels. Apart from this, even after adding more paid channels in this pack, the maximum charge of this pack will be 160 rupees, no matter how many channels are added to it. That’s mean the maximum charge of Network Capacity Fees (NCF) will be Rs. 160 per month.
However, this decision of TRAI is not going to give much relief to the TV consumers, as all the DTH providers were showing in free those channels which are free to air, apart from the 100 free channels included in the NCF. The real benefit to the customers is when the paid SD channel is also added to 200 channels.
Customers will get real benefit only when they can choose 200 free to air channels of their choice in NCF. Otherwise, DTH has made such a arrangement that under the NCF, it has selected such free to air channels that no one sees.
Now, if you put Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil etc. language free to air channels in the pack of 200 free channels for North Indian viewers and remove the free Hindi news channels, then this new pack will become even more expensive. Because to watch free Hindi news channel, a pack of Rs 160 will have to be taken instead of Rs 130.

Here is list of Extra paid channels which may be included in 200 Free channels.
Zee Anmol Cinema
Zee Regional News
News 18 Regional News
National Geographic Wild
Animal Planet
Fox Life
Living Foodz
Zee ETC Bollywood
ETV Regional News

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  1. sunil says:

    1 or 2 hindi cartoon channels should be added in free less than Rs 100 Ncf

  2. आप ने जो चेंनल १५० में देखते थे अब ३५० से ४५० तक मिलते हे आप जो पहले १५० में देख ते वो कर दो नई में २२५ चेंनल हे उसमे सोनी स्टारपुलस ज़ी टीवी स्टार भारत सोनी मैक्स जीसिनेमा स्टारगोल्ड एंड टीवी कलर टीवी सब टीवी हे ये २२५ चेंनल लिस्ट में चेंनल होने चाइये

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